THAIFEX – ANUGA ASIA 2022 recap: Re-Imagine The Future of Food & Beverage Industry

    Thaifex Anuga 2022 recap


    If you tend to seize more market share in the F&B industry, Thaifex Anuga is a must-attend event that you should not miss out on. It’s the connector of Asia leading F&B players and a chance for newcomers to include their business profiles for maximum exposure. After 2 years hosted as a virtual event, this year Thaifex Anuga has come back attracting 51,535 trade visitors from 111 countries over the past 5 days. Go figures! This post will provide you with a quick recap of this trade show, so let’s get going!

    I. An Overview of THAIFEX – ANUGA 2022

    Thaifex Anuga 2022 trade show opened from 24th to 28th May 2022 for trade visitors and only 28th May for public visitors. The event hosted 11 trade shows under 1 roof including coffee and tea, food service, food technology, drinks, sweets & confectionery, meat, frozen food, fruits & vegetables, rice, seafood, and fine food.

    A Successful Kick-Off

    A successful kick-off


    The first day was successfully hosted as a kick-start for an F&B innovation week. In the morning, Innova Market Insights – an event’s official partner provided their viewpoint for industry trends and insights about packaging, technology, and flavor drivers. In the afternoon, “SOS Presents: The Road to Zero Food Waste” discussed the sustainability of the regional food industry. Then, the evening started with the Start-up Showcase, in which some of the region’s pioneers in emerging areas of F&B presented product innovation and explored possibilities in the future of food.

    5 Special Shows

    5 special shows


    To provide an overview of recent trends and developments in the F&B industry, Thaifex Anuga 2022 opened 5 trade shows specializing in Halal-Certified Food & Beverage Products, Organic Products, Future-Food Products, Taste Innovation, And Trend Zone.

    11 Trends Topics

    11 trends topics


    This year, 11 hot trends in the industry were focused across 11 halls. Some hashtag shows how much today’s consumer pay attention to personal health and sustainability like #1 Shared Planet Now, #2 Plant-Based Proteins Or Foods, #3 Clean Labels, etc. Some relate to finding partners and doing business like #7 Franchise and #10 Private Labels.

    Shaping The Future of F&B With The “Future Food Experience +”

    Future Food Experience +


    Another point that’s worth mentioning in Thaifex Anuga 2022 is the “Future Food Experience+”. This stage is where a large number of world thought leaders, experts and professionals share their actionable insights about foodtech, foodservice, and E-commerce.

    II. A Journey Full of Rich Experiences

    Everything’s Ready for The Big Day

    We landed in Thailand on 23rd May with a strong spirit ready for the trade show. Our team spent almost a day setting up, decorating the booth and making sure everything’s at its best.

    Greeting 100+ Traders Worldwide

    Thaifex Anuga offered us golden opportunities to enchant our guest visitors, potential customers and win more business. We met and greeted more than 100 world traders who come from The United States, Spain, India, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Korea, etc.”It was indeed a pleasure meeting you at this event because we are looking for a new product launch solution. I hope this will lead to a long-term relationship with Tan Do beverage.” said a Spanish customer.

    Sample Testing

    Sample testing
    At this special event, visitors have a chance to directly taste our drinks. Out of 15 product lines, Fruit Juice Drink, Aloe Vera Drink and Coconut Drink are the most concerned by visitors.

    Final Thoughts

    This business trip brought a lot of meaningful experience to all of the members. Jessy Nguyen, a member of the sales team, shared her thoughts about this memorable event.
    Jessy and her customer
    “I was almost exhausted because of talking and standing continuously for around 8 hours a day. However, seeing our booth attract a considerable number of retailers worldwide inspired me a lot. Also, what strengthens me is that I know it’s precious time for building relationships and bridging cultures across countries. Also, we’re proud to introduce Vietnamese culture to global friends through drinks made from Vietnamese natural fruits.” It seems that the greatest success is not about how many orders were placed after the trade show, it’s about our team’s solidarity and spirit. Once again, we’d like to give a big thanks to the visitors coming to our booth and the people accompanying us from the beginning of the event. Hope to see you all at Thaifex Anuga 2023!

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