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Founded in 1996, Tan Do Refreshing Water co. Ltd is one of the first players in Vietnam’s beverage market. After a series of strategic decisions, we have now become a leading OEM/ODM beverage manufacturer, not just in Vietnam but also across 60+ countries globally.

We have created over 500 high quality products, meeting strict international standards like ISO, FDA, HACCP, Halal,… through exceptional service and expertise.

Tan Do’s ingredients are selected from the most premium farms, orchards and fruit producing regions across Vietnam, meeting high requirements from organizations around the world. We use them to create top-notch products with amazing taste.


We now own 2 advanced factories, with a total floor plan of 25.000m2, built with state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities. With 12 automated production lines, we can supply up to 300 containers per month to global partners.


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Vision and Mission


In the near future, we aspire to become one of the world’s most credible beverage manufactures who is well known for one-stop care beverage solution (OEM&ODM)


Our mission is to provide beverage companies with advanced formulation, highest quality manufacturing, design & fulfillment services, delivered with dedicated customer service  

CEO Pham Thi Dieu

Our Core Value



Tan Do focuses on building our credibility which we belive is a competitive advantage and vigorously protects our Credibility as one would protect one's honor



Adaptability is our principle which is the ability to adjust our approach or actions in respone to changes and challenges , especially technology and customer's demands



We strive to figure out the most reasonable solutions for our valued partners. We fully invested time to consult partners with the most suitable finance and resource plans


With 25+ years working with clients ranging from small regional companies to large international coporations, we're confident to be one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry



Tan Do established

Tan Do Beverage was established in 1996 by CEO Pham Thi Dieu, with a vision to supply high quality beverage across Vietnam



Reaching all corners of Vietnam


Tan Do’s drink were sold across 63 provinces of Vietnam, thanks to our non-stop effort


Diversifying our production capacity  


Through relentlessly developing new technologies, expanded our capacity to produce new drink lines, improve efficiency and quality 


First steps into the international market

first container

We shipped our first containers to international partners this year


Successfully breaking into the US market   


In 2018, Tan Do’s product became FDA and HACCP certified. This help propel our beverages to the shelves of Walmart, Cosco and Target

Up to now

Grand opening of 2nd factory

manufacture 2nd

Constructing our 2nd factory in Yen Phong, Bac Ninh, with Europe euipment , raising our total monthly output to 300 containers 

Our team

Linh Quan
Linh Quan
Sales Director
Martin Pham
Martin Pham
Deputy Sales Director
Vicky Yen
Vicky Yen
Sales Account Manager
Linda Nguyen

Linda Nguyen

International Sales Specialist

Kelly Thao
International Sales Specialist
Nick Nguyen

International Sales Specialist

Daisy Chu

International Sales Specialist

Thedrick Nguyen

International Sales Specialist

Elly Ha

International Sales Specialist

Emma Pham

International Sales Specialist

Helen Thai

International Sales Specialist

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