We strive to accomplish all currently active projects and achieve even more future CSR goals

As customers are becoming more aware of the company they purchase products and services, people want to assert themselves with brands that are socially responsible. 

Short for CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility is a plan that focuses on contributing to societal achievements through philanthropy, environmentally friendly operations, engaging in ethical-oriented practices, and supporting local communities. As a result, we strive to accomplish all currently active projects and achieve even more future CSR goals

tando beverage csr

Human Nutrients

Research and design for safe and nutritious products

Tan Do has always been vigilant in every operation. From the initial process until clients receive the products, our strategy for product development aims to guarantee the safety of our clients, both physically and intellectually.

We explicitly prohibit the use of any ingredients consequently affect consumers’ health negatively within all present and future products.

Safe materials

Tan Do’s ingredients are harvested from certified agricultural workers, comply with every safety regulation in food and beverage laws. Our farms were formed by agricultural experts, and strictly regulated by those same individuals, without the use of pesticides, to sustain the highest quality of fresh produce.

Modern equipment and technologies

To ensure products reach their finest quality possible, Tan Do has continuously invested in research and development for new technologies. With advanced technologies integrated deeply into the manufacturing supply chain, we are capable of matching our production level to global standard.

Management and quality control in compliance with international standards.

Tan Do considers its quality control and company’s management the cornerstone of the whole firm. We applied the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), a seven procedures plan for protecting the safety of beverage products at every level. Those principles are included in the international standard ISO 22000. This standard is a complete framework for food safety and quality control which combines the components of the prerequisite systems, the HACCP and the performance measurement system, all which constitute into the organisation of Total Quality Management System.

Explicit and thorough information for consumers

At the consumer level, knowledge about particular nutrients is more predominant than others. Here at Tan Do, information transparency is highly regarded as the prime example of creating a trustworthy perception for our clients. Hence, Tan Do explicitly presents all products’ included ingredients, nutrition values, the use of preservatives and extra information that suit clients’ necessity.

Energy & Environment

Efficient use of energy resources

As of late, energy related problems have been an ongoing battle for any manufacturing firm in the world. It is our responsibility to improve energy management quality, operate with power saving equipment, to prevent the excessive use of energy in our facilities or any other related process.

Efficient use of water resources

Water is one of the major components in Tan Do’s manufacturing process, since our business concept concentrates on beverages. At Tan Do, we created a highly efficient procedure to gather and extract water from different sources. And we consolidate those water into beverage production with deep consideration for the amount of water used and the methods of recycling wasted water.

Waste categorizing and treatment

Recycling is becoming more common whereas trash and waste are processed into usable materials. Aluminum cans, glass bottles, and many types of plastic can be melted and reused. We have been working closely with other recycling firms to sort out all the wasted material to reduce pollution while strengthening our relationship with the environment and people, working toward a common goal of protecting the environment for future use.

Use of modern technology to reduce environment

Pollution is the harmful waste materials discharged into the environment. These dangerous materials can be natural, but can also be created by human activity. With that in mind, Tan Do is devoted to resolving this issue in every functional operation in our firms. Through the incorporation of human power and the assistance of machinery, we constructed a complex system to efficiently control emission and waste treatment.

Training environmental awareness

We created some training courses for employees, raised their awareness about organic waste treatment, how those waste could potentially be processed and turned into raw materials for later usage. We also provided them with methods to apply with their own trash and waste at home and effects that they could influence on environmental protection in general. We committed to working with our cooperative farmers and within our facility to reduce the climate impact from our raw materials as much as possible.

Labours & Employment

Hiring practices

One of the most common complications in every industry is the hiring process. There is going to be a higher risk of unethical practices when the recruitment procedures are not carefully structured. Tan Do expects that all facilities enforces the human resources policies whereas no candidate can be hired until approved by human resources. There will be no exception even for those who are temporary, migrant and contract workers. During a responsible sourcing audit, personnel records and the hiring procedure are reviewed and discussed with management. Through this process, validation of existing formal protocols ensuring review of age documentation, vetting of labour brokers and protecting high-risk applicants, is undertaken.

Forced labour

Through our responsible sourcing audit procedure, audit background and a range of sources of risk information, we recognize the risk of forced labor. If we discover reliable indications of forced labour at any facility, we prioritize the well-being of the workers, which ensures that we aim to frame and execute a corrective action plan where possible, to encourage the remediation of the indicators and a co-operation plan. We will find consultants with relevant stakeholders to develop a responsible disengagement plan which is expected to minimize more risk to the workforce, only when remediation is not feasible.

Underage labour

Tan Do explicitly articulates our zero-tolerance policy for child labour. We perform in-depth records and staff file analyses and conduct executive interviews as part of an investigation. We promptly investigate all facets of the situation if we discover underage labour at any facility, and where possible, we collaborate with a reputable third party specialist to establish and execute a detailed remediation strategy in accordance with globally established best practices. We will deactivate the plant for non-compliance if the solution proves ineffective or not possible. We may not consider any goods in manufacturing in both situations.


Tan Do expects all workers to be treated with respect and dignity. Tan Do would not collaborate with vendors or factories who intentionally use physical violence or threats against their employees. In order to ensure that these activities do not exist in our facilities, our assessors perform numerous inspections, including discussions with workers about working conditions and disciplinary proceedings. If we identify corporal punishment, we deem it a zero-tolerance infringement.


We value cultural and individual distinctions and there is no toleration of discrimination. Vendors and factories are required to ensure a workplace free of discrimination and hire employees on the basis of their abilities rather than their ethnicity, colour, sex, maternity status, gender identification, marital status, political beliefs, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, social background, national origin or any other attributes unrelated to the ability of a person to perform the wook. As a condition of work or to cancel employment, we also forbid the use of pregnancy tests.

Safety Review

Violations of safety have become a significant focus of the conscientious procurement audit process of Tan Do. We perform an in-depth review of the health and safety procedures of a company across all facilities, evaluating fire safety equipment and workplace safety, such as clean offices, access to personal protective equipment, chemical safety and instruction for staff. On the tour of the factory, an assessor can find any violations and clarify processes for making and maintaining corrections. The assessor may also review reports of safety instruction and ensure that a business has a timeline for supplying staff with daily instruction.

Employee Support

Although we alone can’t provide full support for our employees’ life –  we still have to take some responsibility to change their attitudes to work and home life –  there are many things Tan Do did to help workers to find and maintain a work balance that’s right for them.

  • Every year, we organize the periodical health check for employees in accordance with the standards of Food Safety.
  • Free lunch and shift support for employees.
  • Quarterly, there is a summary party: Quarterly birthday party, Award of excellent individual and cultural exchange performance.
  • In the summer, there is a free server of lemonade juice and juice for employees.
  • For employees with difficult conditions with life and housing, the company calls for the exercise apparatus, employees with their hearts to share, mutual affection, support with material and in spirit for fellow workers.
  • Set up a fund "Supporting difficult circumstances in the company" from our budget. In 2020, we supported 5 employees with more than 10 million VND.
  • Every year, on International Children's Day, the company provides gifts to employees’ children with good academic achievements.
  • Annually, the company director sends gifts to employees’ parents….
  • Every year, the Board of Directors of the company invites educational experts to share and answer questions of the company's employees on how to raise children.

Employee Training

In order to support employees to increasingly improve their professional knowledge and skills and improve working productivity, Tan Do focuses more on internal staff training. Organizing regular training classes and encouraging employees to participate in learning at the same time also brings a lot of direct benefits to our business in reaching better sustainability goals.

The content of employee training at Tan Do is divided into 3 different types of activities:

  • Training: This is a process of learning and training to help Tan Do employees improve and improve their professional skills in the work they undertake and ensure efficiency when they apply the knowledge on their tasks. The content of the training includes the entire system: knowledge, skills, behaviors, ... of an individual. Being well-trained with these valuable knowledge and skills will be the motivation for our employees to optimize productivity and efficiency.
  •  The educational process provides each individual with the requisite skills and qualities (skills, morals, beliefs,...) to be applied to their daily work and above all, to prepare them for a better future. Educational activities can help employees to orient their careers path and aim to achieve their own objectives through training and practicing.
  • Development: Staff training at Tan Do is always in the direction of learning to develop. Not only hone in-depth skills for the job, but also training for an opportunity for employees to regularly update new knowledge and new ways to optimize time and work efficiency and eliminate outdated methods that are no longer suitable for the business. In addition, the implementation of development activities is also the basis for the process of rating promotion, salary increase, for both employees and managers.

Community Development

As we have extended to more than 50 countries around the world, so too is our attention to accumulating a positive impact on society. 

Within our vision, we will help empower our associates, clients, staff and communities to make meaningful improvements. To be innovators, pioneers and contributors to a healthier world and an inclusive community such that Tan Do and anyone we affect will prosper.

With our staff, we aspire to engage our local communities, dream bigger about what we can achieve and promote local activities and projects. They help generate long-term influence on the same communities, by supplying them with the opportunities and motivation to own the parts of their neighborhoods and build lasting relationships with local communities and organizations.

We invested in our communities through our own philanthropy foundation, and the cooperation of others such as Green Summer charity programs from Foreign Trade University, to provide grants, clothing and food to the people with many hurdles who were affected by storms and floods in the rural provinces.

Some of our recent projects were:

✔ Participated in charity programs from Foreign Trade University such as Green Summer to help people with difficult circumstances in rural provinces.

✔ Participated in a donation program: Zero Dong Supermarket - to help people with difficult situations during Covid pandemic.

✔ Participated in a charity program to help people overcome their situation after a historical flood. 

✔ Participated in building bookcases and libraries for students.

Local Economic Development

Tan Do always strives, in all of its initiatives, to integrate the success of the company to the general growth of both the local and national economies.

1. Functioning with law enforcement

  • Making sure all statistics and numerical data submitted to the authority agencies with accuracy, credibility, comprehensiveness and with a timely manner 
  • To actively engage in government initiatives to stabilize and strengthen the national economy.
  • Completely complying with the tax duties and other responsibilities laid down by the law of the country in which Tan Do operates.

2. Local economy development

The company always strives to connect its growth in the production scale to the growth of the local economy in the regions where Tan Do has its business and production operations:

  • Making an investment in services and contributing to the growth of local infrastructure.
  • Creating employment and incentives for vocational education for local workers.

3. Developing beverage industry

  • Contribute to the growth of Vietnam's beverage industry by applying the world's intensive agriculture technologies to Tan Do's farms. 
  • Promoting farmers by supplying them with agricultural finance, equipment, technologies and knowledge. 
  • Having regulations in procurement of agricultural commodities to ensure farmers’ benefit through the commitments of stable purchasing quantities and competitive prices.
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