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You are already confident with a brilliant beverage concept for a unique beverage formula or ready with a beverage blueprint. BUT significant concerns come into your mind...

Problems of Facilities

➡ Not own a factory to make it in large-scale production 

➡ Buying equipment, setting up the infrastructure and plant facilities will be expensive.

➡Not being confident in beverage manufacturing operation knowledge and experience 

Problems of Time and Product Cost

➡ Waste a deal of time if investing in beverage manufacture technology and equipment

➡ Even if the set up is finished, the product price will become higher, not competitive compared to targeted competitors

Problems of Scalability & Regulations

➡ The trouble with scalability because of resource lack as technology, facilities, human resources

➡ Issues with several regulations and required certificates. For example, FDA Certificate to export to the USA, HALAH Certificate to export to Muslim-majority countries

Problems of Management & Marketing 

➡ Worried that manufacture investment will take up money and time for management and marketing 

It’s time to outsource production workload to a licensed manufacturer - an OEM beverage manufacturer, also called Beverage Co-packer.

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becomes real

What is Beverage Co-packing/OEM?

Beverage co-packing, also called beverage OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the service that creates new drink formulas and specifications based on the idea brief or the blueprint provided by the clients. 

The finished drink is based on customers’ requirements including formula development, ingredient sourcing, beverage manufacturing, labeling and packaging.

what is beverage copacking/oem

Beverage Co-packer - Solution to your concerns

Cost effective

Buying equipment, setting up the infrastructure and plant facility can be expensive. Using a beverage OEM/ co-packer allows you to allocate this money to other aspects of your business


When your beverage volume grows, outsourcing your increased workload to an OEM co-packer is the ideal decision. Besides, you can offer better prices to your customers thanks to volume discounts. 


By using a co-packer, you save time and money required to deal with regulation and certificate issues directly


In the beverage industry, manufacturing experience is the key to success. A beverage OEM/ co-packer will have experience in manufacturing and packing different beverage types. Previous experience will avoid potential risks and ensure better results.

Lead Time 

By choosing the correct co-packer, you can take advantage of their experience to decrease the learning curve and lead time. You can fulfil your orders much sooner.

Top Reasons Why Our Clients Love

Co-packer Beverage by Tan Do 

Tan Do is committed to your success with your product. With more than 23 years of experience in the beverage industry, we have gained in-depth knowledge and thousands of clients have succeeded with our support. No regret!


Custom formula. Keep it your own.

Turning a beverage idea into a completed formula is complicated. Leave this concern to us. Our R&D with extensive expertise will create your custom drink meeting your requirements and transfer it to you. Finally, YOU are the owner of the proper formula.

beverage copacking samples

Unlimited R&D samples. Meet your wish definitely 

To make sure the custom drink satisfies your expectation, we are happy to offer test samples with no limits. Our most priority is quality-centric meeting our client’s demand.

copacker saves cost

Save your all-journey costs

Different types of costs related to your beverage developments such as raw materials and ingredient cost, manufacturing expenses, logistic costs, warehouse expenses. With our experience and rich network contacts, we will save your money optimally.

co-packer technical data

Clarify product specs as detailed as possible

Understand deeply about the final formula with instructions in detail. We provide you with TDS (technical datasheet), COA. You will be ensured with product quality! 

co-packer advanced manufacture

Easily scale up with advanced manufacture

✔ The production line is modern, automatic and closed-loop for effective mass production 

✔ Pasteurization and  Sterilization methods

✔ 4-in-1 hot-fill and cold-fill technique

✔ Automatic labelling machine

Free label artwork is included

Label design is totally free for any co-packing contract with us. 

Our inhouse design team have gained experience for many years in F&B design to give you attractive label artwork.

co-packer free label
co-packer fda

Confident with governmental regulations

We know how important certifications can be to the success of a food and beverage company. 

We successfully achieved the most important certificates as  ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC to assist you in meeting governmental regulations in the market you target.  

Follow strictly a proper Co-packing/ OEM process


Just share with us your big idea. Which type of drink? How do you expect? Which ingredients do you want to use? Any prototype you want to learn from? We discuss the feasibility of your beverage idea. 


In this stage, your beverage idea is formulated in our lab room. Our lab team will take quality time to analyze and figure out the optimized samples.


The samples are sent to your address, and we wait for your feedback. Your tasting notes will be transferred to our Lab team. The sample delivery will end when reaching your satisfaction.


Once you are satisfied with the sample. We will move forward to packing and label design. It is totally free.


We reach the official agreement about final price, Milestones (Lead time, Delivery time), Deposit requirements, Special promotions based on volume.


Your orders are placed into the production line and delivered to your destination.

Shift your idea to us.

Finished product is yours

Frequently asked questions

What are differences between Beverage Private Label (ODM) and Beverage Co-packing (OEM) ?

Beverage Private Label is the way you can apply our ready-to-use pre-existing drinks and label them with your own brand name. You can make certain small changes. Private Label (ODM) is more time-saving and economic. 

While with co-packing (OEM) service, we help you to develop your own beverage formula based on your idea, or a blueprint. Hence, it is definitely unique; and the property of formula belongs to YOU. 

What are the certificates Tan Do has achieved?

We successfully achieved the most important certificates as  ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC to assist you in meeting governmental regulations in the market you target. 

How about the ingredient sourcing? 

Ingredient sourcing is one of our top priorities in the beverage development process. All input ingredients are selected strictly and carefully to ensure the best output with proper quality. 

Besides, thanks to the abundance of tropical fruits in our country, Vietnam.  The cost for ingredient sourcing is very competitive.

Are product label designs always free? 

Yes. There is no charge for label and packing design.

We build up an inhouse design team to create the label artwork based on your requirements. 

We always try to combine your idea with our creativity to make sure that your drink packing would be uniquely shining and attractive on the market shelf at the first launch.

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