Tan Do Beverage’s participation in the 2024 Gulfood Exhibition

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  • Tan Do Beverage’s participation in the 2024 Gulfood Exhibition

    We are excited to announce Tan Do Beverage’s participation in the 2024 Gulfood Exhibition.

    This year, we warmly invite you to come and visit us at Dubai World Trade Center – if you happen to be attending the event – to sample our exciting innovations for the year 2024.

    Gulfood 2024, Dubai

    Feb 19-23, 2024 – Dubai World Trade Center

    Al Mustaqbal Hall

    Booth MP-224

    As scrutiny around Sugar-Sweetened Beverages spread among the public, beverage companies are now struggling to appeal to health-conscious beverage purchases. This “health-focus” will be the dominant trend in the beverage market for the next decade.

    That’s why beverage experts at Tan Do have developed new and innovative beverage formulation for our drinks, with a focus on clean label, to help beverage companies stay ahead of the curve and capture the market in the next few years

    So, please come and chat with us at this year’s Gulfood 2024 exhibition, and see how Tan Do can help your beverages precisely connect with your target audience, with the most favorable cost for your business.

    Tan Do Gulfood Dubai 2024

    You can taste our latest and best selling product lines:

    • Fruit Juice Drink
    • Coconut Water Drink
    • Aloe Vera Drink
    • Canned Coffee Drink
    • Sparkling Soda
    • And so much more.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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