Tan Do Beverage: Making Waves at Gulfood Dubai 2024

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  • Tan Do Beverage: Making Waves at Gulfood Dubai 2024

    2024 is the biggest year ever in the history of the Gulfood exhibition. With over 5,500 industry leading exhibitors and 150,000+ new products from 190 countries. The event attracted more than 130,000 buyers from across the globe to expand their food and beverage network.

    Tan Do Beverage Gulfood Dubai 2024

    This year, Tan Do Beverage has gone all out at Gulfood 2024, bringing our best and latest innovations in the Beverage industry. This event features the official debut of our Tropi Brand Fruit Juice Drinks to worldwide customers, with 19 fresh fruit flavors and more still in the R&D stage.

    Tan Do Beverage Gulfood Dubai 2024We also unveiled our top-of-class NO ADDED SUGAR fruit juice formulations, with 7 exciting tropical fruit flavors: Mango, Lychee, Soursop, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tamarind, Pink guava. This product will specifically cater to premium beverage brands, aiming to sell clean label products with the least costs (thanks to no sugar tax).

    Two more products also debuted at the event: Tan Do Brand Basil Seeds Drink and Jolly Jolly Nata De Coco Drinks. These products can meet the latest trends of the beverage market, selling organic juices with health-supporting ingredients (basil seeds and nata de coco).

    Tan Do Beverage Gulfood Dubai 2024

    At Gulfood Dubai 2024, we were honored to meet and discuss business opportunities with hundreds of beverage and retailer brands across all continents. If you missed us this year, don’t worry, we’ll certainly come back to Dubai in 2025 and bring with us even more innovations.

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