SIAL Shanghai 2023 – A New Beginning in the Chinese Market

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  • SIAL Shanghai 2023 – A New Beginning in the Chinese Market

    The Shanghai New International Expo Center will host SIAL Shanghai from May 28–30, 2024. The exhibition area will span a vast expanse of 180,000 square meters, and it is anticipated that 4,500 exhibitors and more than 150,000 professionals from around the world will attend. This year’s show will feature the following Highlight Sectors:

    Babyfood Village, Organic & Wellness Village, Dairy Sector, Non-alcoholic Beverage Sector, Food Sector, Meat Poultry & Curted Meat Sector, Seafood Sector, Alcoholic Beverage Sector, as well as national and regional pavilions.

    The concurrent SIAL Global Food Industry Summit will feature nine sub-forums, including the following: Global New Retail Forum, Food Supply Chain Forum, Import Food Summit, F&B Investment Forum, International Meat Forum, International Drink Forum, Food-Tech Innovation Forum, F&B Distributor Forum, and China Catering Forum.

    SIAL is packed with an exciting array of diverse events and activities that cater to different interests and tastes, such as SIAL Innovation, La Cuisine, the Snacking Awards, Airline Catering, the Chic & Tea Contest, the SIAL CUP Barista Challenge, Chinese Restaurant, and Seafood Fest.


    China has always been a highly coveted – but also gated – market for many international companies. For the FnB industry, the story is the same. Consumer demand in China is growing faster than ever before, large food chains and retail chains like Starbucks, Walmart or KFC are posting record profits coming from Chinese consumers. That’s the reason why Tan Do Beverage is focusing our efforts on expanding into this new market, not just to open up new business opportunities, but at the same time to help bring the Made in Vietnam brand name to a global stage.

    But due to the over-saturation of the market, and the difficulties Beijing regulators pose to foreign companies, very few outsiders have been successful in this market. That’s why SIAL Shanghai 2023 Exhibition was so important to Tan Do Beverage, as it represents an in-road into this gigantic consumer base. At the Vietnam pavilion, we see alongside us an array of different Vietnamese FnB companies with the same dreams and goals, determining that this step into the Chinese market represents the effort of the whole Vietnamese FnB industry.

    Thanks to the diligence of our sales team, we were able to pinpoint exactly the right taste of the market, and brought with us some of the Chinese market’s favorite drinks, like Fruit juices, Aloe vera drinks and Coconut water. This simple sentence highlight the fact that despite intense competition, there are still many niche markets that Tan Do Beverage can comfortably squeeze in and provide superior benefits to clients.

    The significance of this event is also marked by the visit and opening ceremony of the Vietnam pavilion by the Vietnam’s Consulate in Shanghai. At this ceremony, Vietn am’s Shanghai General Consul, Mr. Nguyen The Tung, expressed the willingness of the Vietnamese and Shanghai governments to facilitate trade between the two countries, especially to the East region of China.

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