THAIFEX-ANUGA Exhibition 2023: A wonderful start

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  • THAIFEX-ANUGA Exhibition 2023: A wonderful start

     thaifex anugaThis year, from 23rd – 27th May, 2023, Tan Do Beverage unveiled our exhibition booth at the THAIFEX-ANUGA for the entire FnB world. We brought with us a large array of different product samples across our 9 drink lines, from fruit juices, coconut water to tea drinks. As a private label beverage manufacturer, the massive presence of corporations across all spectrums of the Food and Beverage industry can give us many interesting insights into consumer preferences, as well as allow us the exposure to many aspiring beverage brands, including start-ups, commercial companies, traditional retailers and so on, who are looking for an in-road to this exciting but competitive industry. 

    tan do beverate thaifex booth

    Among the thousands of visitors present at the event, we have met with a diverse group of attendees across all regions, from Australia to the US, UK, Hongkong, South Africa and the UAE. Each meeting is a great chance for all of us to sit down and discuss important details about the contract and beverage customization. This year, the exhibition has seen a record number of attendees and exhibitors, a true sign of economic recovery for the Asia region after a harsh period of economic crises following the pandemic and other events.

    The annual THAIFEX-ANUGA exhibition offers an unparalleled platform that transcends geographical boundaries and showcases the best of the Food and Beverage industry around the world. It brings together the dynamic flavors and innovations of Asia with the global reach and expertise of ANUGA, creating a truly extraordinary exhibition. There, you can expect to explore a vast array of food and beverage products, ranging from exotic Asian delicacies to global culinary trends. The exhibition features a diverse range of sectors, including fresh and processed foods, beverages, food technology, retail and hospitality equipment, and much more. With an extensive lineup of exhibitors, buyers, and industry experts, THAIFEX-ANUGA offers unparalleled networking opportunities and the chance to forge lucrative business partnerships.

    thaifex booth 2Tan Do Beverage is proud to have been included in this spectacular event and to have met hundreds of potential businesses. This represents a huge opportunity for growth and partnerships for us, not just in the Asia market, but also in many other continents as well.

    Across the whole 5 days of the exhibition, all activities at our booth were really bustling and filled with excitement:

    • Day 1: After finishing the booth installation, we started the exhibition with many exciting events from the organizers, as well as beginning to announce our presence at the venue.
    • Day 2: This is the day when visitors start exploring, and our booth receive dozens of visitors each hour. Though the work was exhausting, we were all glad to see such enthusiasm from customers.
    • Day 3-4: While still greeting new customers, we also received visits from our established partners who were also at the exhibition, coming over to say hi and to discuss the next stages of their business.
    • Day 5 morning: For the final day of the exhibition, we were visited by many local customers, who gave us interesting information about the beverage likings of Thai people.
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