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    Sports drink has become a new trendy drink in recent times because of its amazing function. Notice these changes in the beverage market, many big beverage companies are ready to create innovative sports drinks to adapt to the new market.
    To help you join the game and earn enormous benefits from manufacturing sports drinks, we have gathered the most fundamental information and some critical key points in this article. Hoping that you can create pricing private label sports drinks in the near future.

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    What does a sports drink use for?

    Sports drinks can bring back carbohydrates that the body has lost

    Sports drinks can bring back carbohydrates that the body has lost

    Athletes use sports drinks to replenish water (rehydrate) and electrolytes lost through sweating after extreme activity. Electrolytes are minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, these substances keep the body’s balance of fluids at proper status. People may lose electrolytes when they sweat.
    Also, sports drinks can bring back carbohydrates that the body uses during workouts.
    Sports drinks often include carbohydrates in the form of sugar, as well as electrolytes and minerals or protein, vitamins, and caffeine. They can come in many different flavors in order to satisfy consumers’ needs.
    There are several examples of common sports drinks Accelerade, Gatorade, and Powerade.

    Who is in need of using sports drinks?

    Athletes are expertise at physical activities for competitive performance

    Athletes are expertise at physical activities for competitive performance

    Speaking of sports drinks, there are some thoughts that pop up right away in our minds about their function and their consumers. Based on its main function is to replace electrolytes and carbohydrates for the body, it talks about athletes or those who have an extreme exercise schedule.
    To begin with athletes, they are expertise at physical activities for competitive performance, demanding the qualities of stamina, fitness, and physical skill. With this physical competition, the human body will be exhausted after a long period of practice and athletes need to use sports drinks to refill specific substances.
    The coach will know exactly what type of sports drink athletes should use, how much is suitable and how to drink sports drinks properly. Because each type of physical activity has some unique demand skills and time for practice, therefore, it might have a strict menu of functional products to meet athletes’ needs.
    The purpose product for this type of customer is an expert sports drink with well-prepared formulas for athletes only. Your lab must test the formulas, ingredients, and effects of the product very well to ensure your sports drink will come with a great result.
    Another consumer of sports drinks is normal people who exercise or work out on a regular basis, so they need sports drinks to replenish some lost substances in their bodies. They can be men, women or young people who would like to exercise every day to keep their body in shape or maybe they just love active status.
    Those people don’t need a specific plan as athletes, they use sports drink right whenever they feel their body need to be replaced with electrolytes and carbohydrates. Thus, if your company tends to create a sports drink for normal users, you should focus on the basic formulas and the most favorite flavors which will satisfy your target customers immediately.
    Last but not least, your product must be safe for children as well. Even if there is notice the product doesn’t for children without needed, they may drink it unintentionally. You have to ensure there is no serious side effect of your product if you want your brand reputation to be good for the last of your day.

    Why is it a private label sports drink?

    Private label service is the most common form of outsourced manufacturing

    Private label service is the most common form of outsourced manufacturing

    You may hear a lot about private labeling and how it works, especially in the beverage industry. The reason why we mention private label service is that it is the most common form of outsourced manufacturing that can create positive returns on investment for both retailers and manufacturers.
    Speaking of creating a pricing sports drink, private labeling can bring excellent chances for your upcoming plan, such as increased profits, decreased competition, and a number of other benefits.
    Tan Do Beverage company is famous for private label service (ODM) for years. We are so proud of our previous products that would bring great profits for our customers and help them build brand awareness effectively.
    In the following phrase, we will indicate several rational reasons why you should work with a private label manufacturer to build a pricing sports drink as you wish.
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    Reduce operating costs

    When you run a business, you know how expensive and time-consuming it can be. Private label products use the retailer’s brand, which means the manufacturer’s responsibilities are manufacturing, packaging design, and delivery. The only job of you in this game is to take the specific order, pay for it, wait for it and sell it.
    The whole manufacturing process is none of your business unless you visit the factory to check on how things work. This will save your business a lot of money on things you don’t have expertise in, more importantly, you can focus your resources on other parts, such as marketing campaign, sale strategy, market analysis, …
    Private labeling will save your business a lot of money on things you don’t have expertise

    Private labeling will save your business a lot of money on things you don’t have expertise

    Especially, when you take a large order, the manufacturer might save production costs, thus they can give you a discount and you can sell your products at a lower price to make your end-users happy.

    Strengthen brand equity

    Sports drink is a new market and many businesses want to take advantage of this to expand their brand. Therefore, your sports drink must be unique to be a standout.
    With private labeling, your product will have specific and unique brand recognition depending on your name. An identical brand will lead consumers to remember that product longer. If they like everything about that product, it creates stronger brand equity.

    Escalating your sales

    If your product is already selling nationally- recognized products, you can sell twice or three times as many just by providing your customers your own signature value of the same products.
    All of that means increasing your sales by doing nothing except offering the same private label products to your customers. Since the whole manufacturing process is guaranteed by your partner, the private label agreement is already settled down, your marketing strategy is also already run. There is nothing to do more than repeat the old steps. This can make you a great profit so far.

    Limit your potential risks

    Private label manufacturing allows you to build your brand with minimal risk to you, without breaking the budget, and it can be a wonderful business ever.
    In the traditional way, creating your own new sports drink can be costly and risky. There’s the initial investment in equipment, machine, labor, and staff for product development, packaging design, product ingredients, and beverage testing.
    Besides, mass production is the only way to make a profit and return the initial investment, but that is so risky for a new launch product. Because of that, private labeling is willing to work on a small scale that allows you to test for new ideas at a lower cost.
    Moreover, working with a private label will be minimal risk to the overall stability of your business if a new product doesn’t work as you wish. Private labeling gives you more opportunities to continue to adapt and test for the right formulas until it works. Then, you can take a larger order and increase your potential profits.

    The bottom line

    Drinking a sports drink may be better than drinking water when you need dehydrated. You may benefit from sports drinks if you do heavy exercise or play sports for more than 45 minutes at a time. Most people who enjoy being active, but are not athletes, are usually not exercising long enough or at a level intense enough to need sports drinks.
    In the food and beverage industry, building sports drinks is just a tiny problem in a big city. To find out more valuable answers to your question, don’t hesitate to visit us here!

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