Sampling marketing strategy-must try steps to extend your brand

    In the beverage showcase, though the small, medium, or big-scale company, the primary step is to create effective methods to enhance your brand and attract different types of customers. As a result, you will bring more value and trust to your business and users.
    However, the productive elites may cause some vexing issues regarding beverage marketing plans, especially for start-up companies. Therefore, our article will provide you with a blow-by-blow sampling marketing strategy to receive the best outcome.

    Definition of product sampling marketing strategy

    Product sampling is one of the essential steps to sketch out carefully to outstretch your brand and launch the latest products successfully. Let’s check out its meaning to understand and plan some effective marketing strategies.
    In general, product sampling involves parceling out free-of-cost items as a trial run for potential users. This method was returned in the 19th century by the soap producer Benjamin T. Babbitt, who discovered that parceling out free samples of his products developed his commerce.
    These days, this product sampling method has become a widespread option for various industries in the world. Moreover, some up-to-minute styles, mainly digital product sampling, appear to attract consumers globally at high speed and in safe ways.

    Impacts of product sampling marketing strategy

    Adopting an effective beverage sampling strategy will lead to different effects on your brand, your products, and your customers in various aspects. Here are 5 primary ways that this method can assist your business in enhancing your brand.

    • Product sampling marketing permits companies to reach a more comprehensive network of users.
    • It supports customers to acknowledge and try the products first-hand before purchasing them.
    • It builds up person-to-person contact with the users, establishing better loyalty-building and trustworthiness for your beverage business.
    • It assists your brand in transforming potential customers into purchasing ones with ease.
    • Digital product sampling marketing applying online influencers helps customers book free samples online and quickly deliver them to their homes.

    6 effective sampling marketing strategies

    After understanding the advantages of sampling market strategies, let’s discover 6 efficient sampling marketing strategies in 2021.

    Method 1: Direct Strategies

    Direct methods are one of the most common tips to extend your brand with ease. In general, you can meet different customers in various places. These ways will make your items more visual and engage more customers via a personalized encounter. Here are 3 main approaches to start your sampling marketing journeys.

    Sample parcel-outs in-store and near-store distribution

    In-store sampling is the most incredible strategy, which saves more energy and money. It is also an excellent method to get your latest items into the hands of potential users.
    However, it pays to focus on training your staff to enhance the rate for your in-store sampling strategy. Make sure your workers can make a good impression on shoppers at their first glance. In short, they are like your brand ambassador, so it’s best to meet users’ demands for the first time.
    Besides, if you apply to an agency or specialists, ensure they understand the complete aim of your company. Specifically, they should acknowledge the real target consumers and why your company uses this in-store or near-store distribution sampling strategy.
    This way will help shoppers understand your products and brands better before deciding to buy your items. Training communication skills for workers is also essential to assist them in dealing with typical troubles with ease.

    Experimental events

    The following tip is experimental events, which bring users unforgettable memories and impressions of your brands and products. Firstly, it is tactical to set expectations from your potential shoppers.
    Next, brainstorm ideas to sketch out the amount of workforce you will use for every experimental event.  But wait, let me tell you a more practical tip: drawing on experts’ knowledge and advice. These experiential agencies will help you set up your idea and add more value to your plans.
    However, one common disadvantage is investing a considerable cost to establish a festival or event. Noticeably, the advantage outweighs this downside because your target audience will convert into real consumers speedily when they enjoy your events.

    Street corner sample advancements

    Street corner sampling strategy will widen your audience successfully. Find convenient, spacious, and safe corners for your potential shoppers to try your product samples.
    In addition, it is vital to instruct your staff to introduce your items clearly, mainly the ingredients, the unique aroma, the meaning of your brands, and the benefits consumers will gain after trying the products.

    Method 2: Plan a marketing campaign

    Another potent strategy is to sketch out a successful marketing campaign. Here are three principal aspects to consider before planning an effective sampling marketing campaign.
    Scheme out a marketing campaign

    Scheme out a marketing campaign

    The frequency and size of exceptional events

    Before starting a marketing campaign, it is best to consider the size, money, and frequency of events to launch your new products. Find excellent and attractive places to organize your special fetes.

    Search proper customers

    It is advisable to look for the correct customers for your new items by researching consumer psychographics. This way will help you receive many benefits such as saving time, energy, and money. Think about your primary target audiences, trendy designs that they will like, and a convenient time for them to try your sample.

    Concentrate the target

    After finding the principal customers, now is the time to focus on their desires. In general, concentrating on the target will help you manage your option of distribution strategies better. Thus, keep mixing any direct methods or social marketing strategies to engage your customers.

    Method 3: Establish on-premise and off-premise samplings

    Depending on your types of products, choosing on-premise and off-premise samplings gives specific benefits. On-premise samples provide profound customer engagement and a high chance to start a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship.
    Some alcoholic beverage brands choose an off-premise sampling strategy at retail locations, including liquor stores, grocery stores, and enormous box retailers. This method defines that the item bought will be devoured off of the premises like at home.
    Therefore, practical tips to promote your brand are essential. One of the most significant features is giving a proper cup. An appropriate sample cup should be smaller than 3 oz.
    Nevertheless, you can change to a giant cup for beer, sparkling wines, and iced cocktails. The most-known tip is to set up a clear plastic cup to attract users to try your beverage sample as soon as possible.
    Discuss to decide on-premise or off-premise samples

    Discuss to decide on-premise or off-premise samples

    Method 4: Email released samplings

    This strategy is an efficient source that will assist brands in quickly sending samples locally and globally. Moreover, a broader range of customers can approach your products with ease.
    Thus, keep sending customers about your latest product information, sampling strategy offerings, exciting events, and discount data to make them engaged.
    Nevertheless, this method has a slight downside because some brands realize that they can’t receive any feedback from consumers via mail. Having a team respond to emails and quickly provide more information to customers may also make brands invest a significant sum of money.
    Set up email delivery method

    Set up email delivery method

    Method 5: Online influencers sampling

    Influencer promoting is an intelligent strategy that uses principal leaders to highlight your brand’s mission. It also builds up relationships between your brand and followers.
    Here are 3 main ways to increase your success rate in online influencers sampling.

    • Hashtags: social media will help you to extend your brand quickly. Update your products on Facebook, and Instagram with eye-catching designs.
    • Blogging: online blogging will connect you with various potential users. Integrate with them on popular social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to write brief information about your products and brands.
    • Attractive website: setting up an easy-to-access and engaging website is essential. This way will help shoppers save time to find information and understand your samples better and quicker.

    Establish eye-catching hashtags and website

    Establish eye-catching hashtags and website

    Method 6:  Verifying a proposal’s execution budget and promises

    Last but not least, this strategy will assist you in validating branches’ performance and reviewing the outline of the capital before carrying out your product sampling. Here are 2 ways to consider:

    • Verifying agencies’ performance responsibility: always check your agency or department’s achievement to help your sampling marketing procedure run smoothly.
    • Estimating a transparent campaign fund before committing: After reviewing your agency’s responsibility, by now, you should look over the campaign budget. If it is affordable, then you are good to go.

    Check agency’s performance responsibility

    Check agency’s performance responsibility

    Wrap up

    We hope that you will extend your brand successfully with this brief overview of sampling marketing strategy. These 6 modern methods offer you specific advantages in different aspects, including target customers, brands, and products.
    It is crucial to learn steps to start an energy drink company or a health drink commerce after mastering adequate sampling-promoting methods. At Tan Do, we possess a professional team of marketing specialists who works with you devotedly during all stages to help your brand stand out in the beverage market.

    Tan Do is a global beverage ODM/OEM manufacturer and supplier located in Vietnam. Since 1996, we have built trust and credibility not only throughout Vietnam but also in many parts of the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we have crafted thousands of products that align with ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, and many other standards.

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