How to start an energy drink company? 11 vital steps to succeed

    We will tell you how to start an energy drink company.

    You have got some ideal business intentions, and now it’s time to start your journey. However, many people in business can’t find a trustworthy source to follow due to different information.
    Therefore, this article will provide 11 practical methods to master how to start an energy drink company.

    11 steps for starting an energy drink company successfully

    Here are some important ways to practice the steps to establish an energy drink business. These strategies will help your startup company be well planned out, registered correctly, and legitimately compliant.

    Step 1: Investigate in Marketing Research plan step-by-step

    A precise arrangement of marketing systems is fundamental to learning how to make an energy drink company. It will assist you in outlining the specifics of your commerce. Here are some critical aspects to consider carefully before starting your business goals.
    Investigate Marketing Research plan carefully to master how to start energy drink business

    Investigate a Marketing Research plan carefully to master how to start energy drink business

    Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning for the energy drink market

    It’s vital to do in-depth research to plan the psychographics and demographic composition of different users of all genders who drink energy drinks. This step will help you understand potential customers because there is an extensive range of accessible consumers in the beverage market.
    Next, clarify your segmentation carefully. For instance, some energy drink companies plan their commerce for the city market or neighborhood market. Others choose to cooperate with the national market by broadening chains of distribution systems globally.
    The following factor is to extend your target market and positioning factor instead of narrowing specific individuals. Broadening various types of individuals who live near your company and possess purchasing power is an essential strategy.

    Your business equity, the strength and weakness

    Examining to launch an energy drink business equity thoroughly will simplify some administrative procedures later. This step can help you plan your energy drink startup costs wisely to decrease some risks for a startup company. There are different kinds of equity investments, bringing you various advantages and disadvantages.
    Limited Liability Company (LLC) or general partnership will be an ideal choice if you plan to spread your distribution networks globally via franchising. This type will protect you from any risks, like if others litigate your energy drink commerce.
    The process to form this entity is more accessible than other kinds like a sole proprietorship. It doesn’t restrict the number of members or require a board of directors and administrative formalities.
    However, there is a slight downside to affording members. It is a little difficult to raise capital and change your company to a tradable stock business.

    The expected difference between your drink compared to competitors’ ones (USP)

    Because of the highly competitive beverage market, you need a USP to stand out for your brand and meet customer demands at the most incredible level of satisfaction. A perfect USP is hallmark-based.
    Hence, think about your consumers’ needs and expectations. Brainstorm any ideas to attract them to buy your first item. You can do this step by selecting special ingredients or a unique marketing network to advertise your products in public and show the benefits customers will receive.

    Your target consumers

    According to this research, the global market has developed, and the main targets of the energy drink industry are young adults. Therefore, adjusting the labels and design is essential to growing a better niche to meet their demands.

    Make your energy drink brand become standing out with a bright position

    When selecting a perfect place to set up your company, investigate positions that can facilitate your distribution system and resource of raw materials. Another aspect to consider carefully is the safety and accessibility of your workers and customers.

    Step 2: Characterize your brand

    Selecting the proper and catchy name is challenging. Give your brand a name that displays your striking characteristics and services. Brainstorm your idea, name it significantly, and you are good to go.
    The logo or slogan also plays a crucial role in advertising your products effectively. It should help consumers understand what they will obtain after buying your products.
    For example, Tan Do’s logo, “One-stop Care for your beverage,” displays meticulous care and high-quality service from top to bottom. Working with this company, you will delight in the total and devoted care during the whole process.

    Red Bull shows vivid images with the mission that Red Bull vitalizes body and mind. Another creative logo is Monster, including an occult symbol that recalls 666 in Hebrew characters. Thus, many users, particularly teenagers, feel like they enter a mystical world after trying one item. Rockstar brings you a strong emotion that you will boost maximum energy after a long workout.
    Therefore, you can add a more innovative, sarcastic, or humorous image and a creative logo to set up your brand positioning.
    Brainstorm ideas to define your brand

    Brainstorm ideas to define your brand

    Step 3: Develop your energy beverage

    After careful research and understanding deeply about competitors’ products and your expected energy drink features, let’s think about how to formula the drink successfully. The beverage development consists of essential factors such as flavor, package (a bottle or a can), size (typically the greatest is 16 oz), label, and formulation.
    Plan to formula your business - How to start an energy drink company

    Plan to formula your business

    Step 4: Safeguard your intellectual property with copyrights and trademarks

    If you want to safeguard your company’s logo, your recipe, unique technology, and any software system, then it’s best to protect your intellectual property. Contact and follow instructions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to enroll your trademark.
    Protect your logo with trademarks

    Protect your logo with trademarks

    Step 5: Obtain the vital Professional Certification

    Before launching an energy drink company in some developed countries, it is vital to receive proper licenses and professional certification from authorities. Some essential professional certifications include health certificates, food handler certification, and bottling training requirements.

    Step 6: Receive the essential legal documents

    The legitimate documents for operating an energy drink company are different depending on your place. For example, in Viet Nam, some of the criteria to start an energy drink company comprise Certificate of Food Safety and Hygiene Standards, Certificate of Analysis, and Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.
    With legal documents, you can start your company quicker. One of the essential documents is your business insurance. This insurance can safeguard your company’s financial welfare in case you suffer from a covered loss.
    General Liability Insurance (GLI) is the popular type. But wait, let me tell you something about another striking insurance policy that numerous companies need.
    It is called Workers’ Compensation Insurance or worker’s comp. If there are many employees in your company, it’s best to get this insurance to protect your business better.
    Below are some essential legitimate documents to start an energy drink business:

    • Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR)
    • Health inspection Certificate
    • Documentation of ownership, correct identification
    • Depot meets distributing unit operation needs
    • Tax Payer’s ID
    • Business License
    • Operating Agreement for LLCs

    Get the necessary legitimate documents - How to start an energy drink company

    Get the necessary legitimate documents

    Step 7: Plan a competitive price for your products

    Planning an affordable price can assist you in selling your items quicker. It is vital to buy your materials directly from wholesalers in huge quantities. The higher the number of ingredients you buy directly from resellers, the cheaper you will receive them.
    Another method is to cut operating expenses to the barest cost and canalize the most significant efforts to advance your brand name and marketing. Working with independent marketers and contractors can save costs when you need to pay for marketing executives.
    Discuss to purchase directly from distributors to set an affordable price

    Discuss to purchase directly from distributors to set an affordable price

    Step 8: Sales and distribution

    It pays to consider carefully the economical methods to distribute your energy drinks to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers. Another strategy is to sketch out attractive sales, which you can show your reasonable pricing models for each level of sales. Plan the quantity, accounts for each city, and place for the salespeople to run your business smoothly.

    Step 9: Find investors and partners


    The trade needs a significant amount of money. Therefore, you may want to raise sufficient funds for running your business and planning a marketing system. Otherwise, you may take some risk, leading to the worst case of bankruptcy.
    The first step is to find simple sources of investors like your family and friends. You can choose another source, including your pre-sales or commercial banks, to raise funds.


    Manufacturers should source quality raw materials for the factory. Typical substances in energy drinks are sugar and caffeine, which is the primary ingredient.
    Other kinds are herbal extracts (ginseng, Guarana), vitamin B, sweeteners-sucrose, amino acid derivatives, acidulants-lactic acid, vitamin E or C and some preservatives, including sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Some items don’t include much sugar and carbohydrates.
    The following aspect is the type of equipment. The volumetric filling machine is the most popular to produce liquid material, using a single room feeder or a feed cylinder with a multi-head filling valve head. It’s best to purchase the item with a rotor dosing gadget.
    Besides, many startup companies choose other methods like outsource manufacturing to save resources for their business.

    Search for trustworthy investors and partners - How to start an energy drink company

    Search for trustworthy investors and partners

    Step 10: Make a promotion plan to promote your energy brand

    By now, if you don’t know how to make your own energy drink brand, this part is for you. Planning a promotion framework is essential to make your brand stand out from other competitors. Here are some popular promotional strategies.

    • Advertising network
    • Public Relations and sponsorship
    • Personal or direct selling
    • Direct marketing
    • Sales Promotions

    Step 11: Hire workers for your workforce and technical needs

    Possessing an expert to establish a primary water plant is vital. The water plant contains an effective water solution, an excellent drainage system, and a mini-lab. Moreover, to run a medium-scale business, you need a Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources, plant manager, accountants, distribution truck system, admin manager, and production workers.


    With these valuable strategies above, we hope you won’t wonder how to start an energy drink company anymore. It is vital to understand the beverage industry overview clearly before beginning your dream.

    The most important thing is to name your brand correctly to show a clear mission to your customers. If you tend to launch your energy drink company, don’t hesitate to connect us as we give deep care during all stages. At Tan Do, we offer you many marketing specialists to highlight your logo and brand on the competitive beverage showcase.
    At Tan Do, we offer you many marketing specialists to highlight your logo and brand on the competitive beverage showcase.

    Tan Do is a global beverage ODM/OEM manufacturer and supplier located in Vietnam. Since 1996, we have built trust and credibility not only throughout Vietnam but also in many parts of the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we have crafted thousands of products that align with ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, and many other standards.

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