The Summer Trip of Tan Do House (2022)

    How did you end your summer?

    Our summer – the people of the Tan Do Beverage family enjoyed the last remaining summer flavor by a two-night trip to celebrate together. It’s hard to stop the excitement in our hearts because we know that our destination is waving us to come. This year, we chose Ha Long Bay – a natural heritage recognized by UNESCO and once one of the seven great wonders of the world – to be our resting place.

    The Summer Trip of Tan Do HouseDay 1

    On the first day, we started our trip at 7:30 a.m when the sun was shining behind the clouds and the sky was crystal clear. Such a good signal for an interesting journey ahead! And when the clock hit 11 a.m, we took our first steps to Quang Ninh province – a beautiful harbor land and friendly inhabitants.

    we took our first steps to Quang Ninh province

    Arriving at Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort, we were so impressed by the oasis as the inspiring design, which allows us to fully harmonize with the tropical beauty of the bay, and a private lawn suitable for a vibrant outdoor party for us. With the space to welcome the fresh wind along with luxurious facilities, we feel like being immersed in the freshness of the trees, flowers, and the wave sound of the sea. 

    Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort for The Summer Trip

    In the evening, we ate together at The Market, a restaurant located in the center of the resort, adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool and facing the sea with an incredible view. The restaurant brought us a special discovery experience with a series of tasty specialties made by top-notch chefs. Finally, we ended up with a good sleep to recharge our batteries and got ready for the next day’s exciting outdoors.

    The Market - Summer Trip 2022

    Day 2

    What a great sunny day for team-building activities. 

    First off, we started with the preparation stage by camping at the beach with our brand banners, and colorful flags. Everything was set up properly so that all employees can enjoy the game.

    Preparation Stage - Summer Trip 2022

    The preparation was fully complete and the time was up, we proceeded to get together and started team-building activities.

    we proceeded to get together and started team-building activities

    We started with staff games which are solidarity circle, sack jump, selfie contest, flag-snatching, couple-running,…

    sack jump

    solidarity circle

    Gameplay - Summer Trip 2022

    Lucky ball

    Next up, it would have been a loss of fun without games for the little angels of the Tan Do family.

    little angels of the Tan Do family

    lovely kids

    The last activities were taking beautiful pictures to save memorable moments and announcing the winners of the games with valuable prizes.

    the winners of the games

    save memorable moments

    After exciting team-building activities, it’s time to chill. Everyone sat together to chit-chat, enjoy a relaxing ambiance, and taste fragrant cups of coffee at Thong Zero Coffee.

    Thong Zero Coffee

    The summer trip to HaLong Bay ended fully with a vivid vibe. Despite just a passing journey, it contains all emotional sentiments, mutual solidarity, pure love, and the unique color of the Tan Do family.

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