Tan Do 2022 employee’s annual health checkup

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  • Tan Do 2022 employee’s annual health checkup

    Tan Do 2022 employee’s annual health checkup

    Today (August 16th, 2022), Tan Do Beverage organized an employee’s annual health checkup for our workers at Quang Minh industrial zone. This event was successful thanks to the participation and collaboration of over 100 employees and our CEO Pham Thi Dieu, who always pays strong attention to CSR (corporate social responsibility). “In the F&B industry, we understand that taking care of the employee’s wellbeing is not only beneficial to them but also the product safety and working productivity”. – said the CEO.

    Your health is our health

    In the early morning, people gathered at the Gia Thuong culture center to start the health examination as announced before. Everyone was ready and adhered to the health workers’ instructions.

    We gathered at the Gia Thuong culture center at 7:30 am

    We gathered at the Gia Thuong culture center at 7:30 am

    To ensure people’s distancing in the context of COVID-19, we divided the number of employees into different small groups and each group took turns implementing the examination.

    people keep distancing

    Our worker health assessments include physical checks (weight, height, BMI,…), otorhinolaryngology, dentomaxillofacial checks, blood tests, urinalysis, hepatitis diagnosing, and X-ray photographs.

    Many health assessments were implemented

    Many health assessments were implemented

    Throughout the event, the CEO was willing to accompany us to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    CEO Pham Thi Dieu

    CEO Pham Thi Dieu (black dress) always accompany us throughout the event

    Why does employee health care play a pivotal role in Tan Do Beverage?

    As a leading beverage OEM/ODM in the industry, we believe that worker medical care should be one of our top priorities. It maintains safety in the workplace, for both co-workers and products. A worker free from diseases, especially contagious ones, can ascertain he will not harm other people and affect product quality/hygiene safety. Also, health checkup helps enhance Tan Do’s beverage morale and responsibility in our community, which is a goal we always aim to. 

    Along with focusing on employee health, Tan Do Beverage strictly follows a hygiene safety manufacturing process, which aligns with many international standards (FSSC 22000, FDA, ISO, Halal Jakim, Halal GCC, HACCP). If you are looking for a manufacturer/consultant to start your beverage dream, do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be glad to help!

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