Bring happiness to students in Van To Primary School with the Friendly library in Hai Duong

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  • Bring happiness to students in Van To Primary School with the Friendly library in Hai Duong

    23/12, Tan Do Beverage Company organized the opening ceremony of a school library in Hai Duong named Friendly library. The establishment brought a lot of happiness to students in Van To Primary School.

    Library in Hai Duong
    Ms. Pham delivers the talk and gifts for Van To school in Library’s Opening Ceremony (Source: Nguyet Nguyen)

    With the enthusiastic support from Van To primary, on 23rd December, the CEO of Tan Do company – Ms. Dieu Pham, together with many staff from the different departments, presented at this school. They organize the Opening Ceremony of the Friendly library and conducted a closed meeting for operating this.

    Tan Do’s CEO harbored the dream of establishing a knowledge source for students- Friendly Library

    On behalf of the first construction in the socially contributed activity chain, Friendly library is an educational project, nursed many years by Tan Do’s CEO. But not until 2020 Tan Do beverage can be aware of the appropriate time with available finance and labor; the library can officially operate. 

    The library is located in Hai Duong province, under Van To Primary School’s campus, with thousands of thirsty students for knowledge. The company had finished all the stages for a month, from November to December 2020. After that, the Opening event happened on the 23 of December. 

    The friendly library was restored from a versatile hall in the school campus with approximately 40 square meters in structure. Because this location was on the first floor and not far from learning classes, it was expected to be accessible. 

    Primarily, Tan Do company provided the New library with full types of equipment. It can list some typical facilities such as book shells, tables and chairs, and Cabinets. Furthermore, many kinds of books were also on the list, not only the books on numerous subjects but also some comics or magazines. that support learning at school. Therefore, the kids can gain more knowledge, obtain soft skills through diversified references and relax after school. 

    Van To school
    Fulfill the Friendly Library with modern equipment. (Source: Nguyet Nguyen)

    Besides, the library was filled with many colorful images, posters. All of them are appropriate with the target readers – the primary student can create the children’s interests and attraction. It is noticeable that they use the left-over tires creatively to make the reading tables environmentally friendly and save the operation cost. Eventually, according to estimation, Tan Do spent nearly $3,000 for the investment

    Opening Ceremony of Friendly Library with memorable experiences for pupils

    On the occasion of the Christmas holiday, the Opening Ceremony would link to this holiday’s concept. Tan Do staff played the role of Santa Clauses and shared Van To primary school students’ gifts. Many special programs were held professionally, which was attractive to children from different grades. Students showed their extreme happiness and laughs.

    Library in Van To School
    Tan Do team brings the special Christmas atmosphere to Van To school with many memorable experiences (Source: Nguyet Nguyen)

    During the event, the children could be involved in many exciting activities, including supporting mental and physical health. Apart from being the factory’s excellent employees, Tan Do’s staff could wear many hats to become familiar teachers to children. To make the program more memorable, they also tried to put Tan Do’s staff’s unique performances. 

    Van To primary school
    Ms. Pham gives her warm love to Van To school’s students. (Source: Nguyet Nguyen)

    Beyond a ceremony, all the students would enjoy the Christmas atmosphere sincerely and Tan Do’s love through the outdoor activities. They hoped this program would bring something unique, creating more impressive experiences with the Tan Do team.

    Impressed sharings about the meaningful project

    • Tan Do’s CEO

    Delivering the talk at Ceremony, Ms. Pham stated: “Experiencing many ups and downs for some decades, we’re now one of the leading enterprises in the beverage industry with a credible brand among customers. Now, I think this is the right time for us to refund to humans and our society. By accident, along with the Ha Noi – Hai Duong trip, I came up with this library’s idea to help students access knowledge. Up to now, I am satisfied to be a representative for Tan Do, completing our desire and contributing a small effort to society.”

    • Other participants

    Ms. Doan Thi Hong – The Director of Van To School, reported that as the school representative, she was exceptionally grateful for the conscientious efforts of Ms. Dieu Pham and Tan Do’s staff in establishing the Friendly library. A library on the school campus used to be a luxury with all students. However, from now on, they can access and share knowledge in one easier way. 

    Besides, Nguyen Van Son- one of Santa Clause on this event indicated: “In my opinion, it is one of the most meaningful activities of Tan Do Beverage. Thanks to this event, my colleague and I have a chance to relax after stressful working days, and the children also gain more fun. For a long time, students will reach one step closer to knowledge, and I hope that Friendly library can build up their indulgence in learning.

    Van To primary school, Hai Duong
    The kIds are eager with the games in the Opening Ceremony. (Source: Nguyet Nguyen)

    Participating in the Ceremony with excitement, Nguyen Anh Tu, a school student, also shared: This event is a hugely memorable experience for me, mostly the new library. Reading is one of my hobbies, and now, I can feel free to read every day thanks to Tan Do company and staff. Moreover, they are very friendly and talented with diversified performances. Thanks again, and I love you, Tan Do!”. 

    By operating these activities, Tan Do has been trying to contribute a modest effort with all their dedication to society. Not only running the meaningful events, but Tan Do would also like to express and inspire the message for people: “Life is always inherently wonderful by itself, create your happiness by making happiness for others.”


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    1. Our research reveals indications that investing in the wellbeing of primary school teachers could result in a future generation of happy adolescents.


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