Top 6 contract beverage bottling companies in the world

    Bottling is the factor that helps beverage products to make the first impression on the end consumer. However, the design, selection or production of suitable packaging is one of the complex tasks for businesses in the beverage market, especially newbies. Moreover, a beverage business has to cover many stages from production, marketing, distribution, and sales, requiring time, effort, financial ability, and detailed planning. Therefore, to ensure the quality of product packaging – the last stage before the product is fully completed, newbies can look to businesses specializing in contract beverage bottling companies.
    Top 6 outstanding contract beverage bottling companies

    Bottling is one of the most important steps in the beverage production process

    What is contract bottling?

    Contract bottling is where a beverage business hires another company specializing in bottling beverage products to complete its bottling phase. These businesses own bottling plants for beverage products such as wine, beer or soft drinks. They carry out the entire process from bottling products to putting labels on them. In addition, if required, the bottling company can ship your product to the requested address (either a distributor or the end consumer).
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    Criteria for selecting suitable contract bottling partners

    Based mainly on the wanted services and your business’s financial situation, you can search and choose the right contract bottling partner. Some contract bottlers may only provide bottling services, while other contract bottlers may provide a wide range of additional benefits along with bottling (labeling, shipping, distribution).
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    Some basic requirements for contract bottling partners:

    • Reasonable budget
    • Providing diversified services (such as bottling and labeling)
    • Providing final packaging (including boxes and wrapping)
    • Time-efficiency
    • Providing the appropriate type of bottles you need and are readily available whenever you need their service

    Top contract drink bottling companies

    Below is a list of some reputable and branded contract bottlers across the globe listed by estimated annual sales (if known) in descending order.

    CSD Copackers

    CSD Copackers - contract beverage bottling companies

    CSD Copackers’ logo

    CSD Copackers is a cold filling bottling facility in the United States. The company specializes in providing contract and private label packaging services. CSD Copackers has you covered whether you own a brand that has just launched or a business you are looking for bottling providers with outstanding quality and service.
    The management team of CSD Copackers has over 250 years of experience in the general beverage industry. Currently, CSD Copackers is offering a wide range of bottlings:

    • Glass bottles
    • Aluminum bottle
    • Bag-In-Box syrups

    Besides,  CSD Copackers is also covering the following services:

    • Flavor Development
    • Product Formulation
    • Packaging and Ingredient Sourcing
    • Package Design

    CSD Copackers products mostly meet trial runs, small batch sizes, proprietary packaging and other challenging manufacturing requirements.
    CSD Copackers has an experienced warehouse and logistics team with more than 170,000 square feet of warehouse space. Custom-designed inventory software allows CSD Copackers to control inventory from raw materials to finished products. In addition, CSD Copackers facilities and warehouses are strategically located to provide favorable freight rates to key global markets.

    G3 Enterprises

    G3 Enterprises

    G3 Enterprises’ logo

    G3 Enterprises has offered packaging and logistics support for more than fifty years and provides wineries with the latest innovation and technical services ranging from oak, closures, labels, bottling, packaging equipment, transportation and warehousing. G3 Enterprises serves more than 2,300 wineries, growers, and beverage producers from multiple locations around the U.S, ranging from iconic brands to boutique offerings.
    The company’s vision for the future is to focus on better serving customers so they can succeed. The president and CEO of G3 Enterprises said the company focuses on providing solutions and a more convenient place to offer more products, services and technical support to help customers improve their profits.
    The main products and services the company provides include:

    • G3 Boutique: G3 Boutique is a broad range of specialized winemaking supplies, equipment, and logistics solutions tailored for the specific demands of small lot and mid-sized producers and vintners of high-end premium and super-premium wineries, breweries, and distilleries throughout California, Oregon and Washington wine regions.
    • Ag Hauling: G3 hauling solutions help wineries and growers maximize efficiency via Multiple Sizes of Bins; Multiple Trailer Types: Grape gondolas and flatbeds; Shuttle Drop.
    • Diam® Corks: Diam is a technological closure with a patented composition manufactured from cork and treated by the patented DIAMANT process. Meanwhile, G3 Enterprises G3 is the exclusive distributor of Diam buttonsspoonfuls of vinegarAndNorth American market.
    • petainerKeg™: petainerKeg™ provides beverage manufacturers with competitive logistics and production costs while using the same delivery systems required for conventional steel tanks.
    • Warehousing: The G3 Warehousing Division has facilities in several locations to accommodate storage needs for growing businesses.

    G3 Enterprises’ values are Teamwork, Agility, Value Creation, Trustworthiness, and Customer Focus. The company has about $143 million in revenue and more than 700 employees.


    LiDestri - contract beverage bottling companies

    LiDestri’s logo

    LiDestri was founded in 1975 as Cantisano Foods by Ralph Cantisano. By 1976, LiDestri began to be managed by its current owner, Giovanni LiDestri. Under Giovanni’s leadership, the company started producing pasta sauces in 1978.
    LiDestri’s Innovation Center, opened in 2014, is the embodiment of the groundbreaking spirit the company had exhibited since its earliest days when it pioneered several advances in creating sauces and salsas:

    • Innovative Pasta Sauces: Creating the first commercial pasta sauces formulated with chunks of tomatoes rather than pureed tomato sauce.
    • Revolutionary Cooking Techniques: Cooking sauce outside kettles traveling through metal pipes to the bottling lines, preserving flavor and preventing scorching.
    • Packing Efficiency: Being first in the industry to remove cardboard between jars as flats.

    In the packaging industry, LiDestri is one of the few large contract manufacturers willing to accept a smaller company if the product prospects and management align with LiDestri’s team philosophy. LiDestri’s operating philosophy is “good corporate citizenship,” providing employees with meaningful and rewarding work experiences while maintaining high sustainability standards with profound respect for the environment. In addition, LiDestri has achieved its success by building solid relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.
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    Types of packaging provided by the company include:

    Glass Bottles and Jars
    Sizes Processing/Location
    Jars: 1.5 oz. – 44 oz. square or round
    Bottles: 50 mL – 1.75 L
    Hot Fill — Fairport-NY, Rochester-NY, Fresno-CA
    Retort — Fairport-NY, Fresno-CA
    Cold Fill (Oils, Vinegars, Cooking Wines and Spirits) — Rochester-NY
    Cold Fill (Bottles) — Rochester-NY
    Plastic Jars, Jugs and Bottles
    Food: 24oz. and 45oz.
    Beverage: 16oz., 18oz., 32oz., 45oz. , and 64oz.
    Bottles – Various Sizes:
    Half gal. and 1 gal.
    Tubs – Various Sizes:
    8oz., 15oz. and 20oz.
    Hot Fill (Foods) — Fairport-NY, Rochester-NY, Fresno-CA
    Cold Fill (Oils, Vinegar, Cooking Wines, Spirits and Beverages) — Rochester-NY
    Cold Fill (Beverages) — Landsdale-PA
    Cold Fill/HPP — Rochester-NY
    Aseptic/Extended Shelf Life (Beverages) — Pennsauken-NJ

    Niagara Bottling

    Niagara Bottling’s logo - contract beverage bottling companies

    Niagara Bottling’s logo

    Niagara Bottling, LLC is a bottled water and soft drink manufacturer headquartered in Diamond Bar, California. They produce private label bottled water for several companies, including Walmart (Great Value), Safeway Inc. (Signature Select) and Costco (Kirkland Signature). The company operated multiple bottling plans in both the United States and Mexico. By 2017, Niagara became the largest private label bottled water supplier in North America.
    As a manufacturer and supplier of Niagara® and private label bottled water to many of the nation’s leading retailers, Niagara has over 55 years of experience providing customers with high quality, reasonable prices and various services. The following characteristics distinguish Niagara products values:

    • Vertical integration: Niagara is the most vertically integrated bottling company in the industry. The company always strives to improve quality, reduce environmental impact and save costs for its customers.
    • High-speed production and advanced bottling technology: Niagara produces products with the fastest water bottling lines, automation and advanced technology. Therefore, besides high quality, Niagara products are affordable.
    • Staff at Niagara: Niagara’s most significant competitive advantage is its dedicated staff with hard work, integrity and exceptional service to provide customers with high-quality bottled water at a reasonable price.

    The packaging products at the company include the following categories:

    • Eco-Air Package: Eco-Air packaged products eliminate the need for cardboard trays. These products take up less pallet space, allowing the company to ship more products per order and helping to reduce its CO₂ emissions. Eco-Air packaging is also recyclable through Store Drop Off.
    • Eco-Air Bottle: The bottles are not only lightweight but also 100% recyclable. Since 2009, Niagara has reduced its bottle carbon footprint by 59% through improvements in design, lightweight and packaging. In addition, the company has also reduced the label size and bottle capsize to minimize the use of materials further.


    Refresco’s logo

    Refresco’s logo

    Refresco was founded in 1999 with the original name Menken Beverage. The company was formed from a sizeable Dutch dairy group, Menken Drinks and Refrescos de Sur Europa S.A. To date, Refresco has become the world’s largest independent bottler, serving primarily Grade A retailers and brands in Europe and North America. The company covers more than 60 manufacturing sites in Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico, providing customers with close and reliable service across geographies. Refresco offers an almost unlimited range of soft drinks, juices and other beverages manufactured to each customer’s requirements and specifications.
    Refresco’s five values are entrepreneurship, agility, passion, excellence and responsibility. These are the elements needed to drive your business and help you achieve your vision. Refresco also offers critical products and services to its customers, including:

    • Sourcing: Refreshco works closely with raw material producers and wants to reduce reliance on areas of economic or political instability and extreme weather that can disrupt supply chains.
    • Products: juices, nectars and still drinks; carbonated soft drinks, dilutable, ready-to-drink teas, ready-to-drink coffee, water, energy drinks, sports drinks, beers, radlers, alcohol-free beers, cocktails and mocktails, and other beverages.
    • Packaging:
      • Aseptic drink carton: This is carton packaging with aluminum liner and plastic layer, used for non-carbonated drinks such as juices. The aluminum layer protects the glass against oxygen and light. As a result, the product can keep its shelf life without refrigeration. To preserve the carton package against moisture, a layer of PE = polyethylene is covered inside and outside the cardboard.
      • Aseptic PET: Paired with suitable PET bottles and aseptic packaging solutions, A-PET packaging can ensure maximum product integrity along the supply chain for juices, nectarines, soft drinks, tea and liquid dairy products.
      • Cans: Refreshco fills alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in different cans made of steel or aluminum.
      • Glass: Refreshco uses recycled glass in its bottles. Glass is environmentally friendly and can be recycled indefinitely.


    In conclusion, this article mentions the top 6 contract bottling businesses that beverage companies, especially newbies, can consider select. Finding beverage production partners is significant for companies just starting to set foot in the beverage market. At Tan Do Beverage, we can provide products and services to satisfy our customers’ requirements. From idea generation to product delivery to consumers, Tan Do is committed to supporting and becoming an extremely reliable partner.

    Tan Do is a global beverage ODM/OEM manufacturer and supplier located in Vietnam. Since 1996, we have built trust and credibility not only throughout Vietnam but also in many parts of the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we have crafted thousands of products that align with ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, and many other standards.

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