Top fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a country with great potential for fruit juice manufacturers thanks to its growing conditions. This blog post will provide all the necessary information to find the best fruit juice manufacturers.

    Top Fruit Juice Manufacturers in VietnamWhy you should choose fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam

    Supply Potential of Vietnamese Fruit Juice Manufacturers 

    Vietnam is witnessing a structural shift with an increase in the proportion of forestry (4.82% in 2020 – according to the General Statistics Office). At the end of 2021, Vietnam’s fruit tree area was about 1.14 million hectares. Correspondingly, the total fruit production was about 12.6 million tons/year. Notably, around 30 out of 40+ types of fruits in Vietnam have commercial value. Besides, more than 10 types are key export items such as dragon fruit, banana, mango, watermelon, coconut, and lychee… Thank to this ideal condition, it benefits Vietnamese fruit juice manufacturers in approaching cheap, high-quality and high-volume raw materials for the production process.

    According to Statista as a leading provider of market and consumer data, the revenue in the Fresh Fruits segment of Vietnam amounts to US$6.49bn in 2022. Moreover, the market is expected to grow annually by 7.27% (CAGR 2022-2027). Additionally, consumption volume is projected to amount to 3,469.5mkg by 2027. Meanwhile, the global market demand for fruit is forecast to grow by 8.2% per year from 2019 to 2025 and reach $585.25 billion by 2025. These positive forecast numbers will benefit Vietnamese fruit juice manufacturers in perfectly responding to this potential market volume and globally providing services to more customers.

    The Forecasted Revenue Development in The Vietnam MarketThe Forecasted Revenue Development in The Vietnam Market 

    From that, these aforementioned conditions will form a solid springboard for fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam to become the leading fruit juice suppliers in the world.

    International Competitiveness of Vietnamese Fruit Juice Manufacturers

    Fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam have come a long way in bringing products to conquer the world. Not just stopping at 50 or 150, but all around the globe, even in fastidious markets like the US, EU, and the Middle East… Additionally, they also strived to improve and upgrade a lot of modern equipment, large-capacity factories, and modern production lines. This ensures the operation, management, and optimization of production capacity. 

    Moreover, Vietnamese fruit juice manufacturers have obtained the certificates of HACCP, FDA, BRC, ISO22000, Halal Jakim, and FSSC,… This, therefore, proves their manufacturing standards related to food safety, hygiene standards, and the quality of production operations is qualified for global market export. Most importantly, positive feedback from customers around the globe helps gain trust and credibility, which is the greatest reward for them.

    International CompetitivenessCompetitive Labor Cost

    Cost of labor is always one of the top concerns of business owners. As a matter of fact, This will determine the operation of a beautiful financial picture and impact a business’s success. So, how to keep the labor cost low without decreasing the quality of products?

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    Competitive Labor CostTaking advantage of outsourcing services in developing countries like Vietnam is an ideal solution. In fact, most of these countries are in the period of golden population along with the process of integration and globalization. Therefore, the labor force is abundant and the labor cost is relatively low. As a consequence, large-scale production or small-scale pilot will also benefit economic efficiency from this. Thanks to that, you can solve the problem of reducing labor costs and optimizing the operating costs of enterprises.

    Developing Advantage of Fruit Juice Manufacturers in Vietnam

    Besides mentioned competitive advantages, Vietnam has many other favorable conditions to become a top fruit juice manufacturer:

    • Nature factor: Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon climate zone, with abundant sunshine, high humidity, and an average annual temperature of 22-27 degrees Celsius. This natural element is extremely suitable for the cultivation of fruit trees. As a result, the input quality reaches the best level and so is the output quality (especially organic properties). Additionally, the richness of the fruits also makes the juice drink portfolio more diverse among Vietnamese manufacturers.
    • Economy factor: Vietnamese fruits have achieved very strict standards of Global Gap, ISO 22000 and the signing of EVFTA has raised the value, quality, and competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in general and fruits in particular, which are popular in the global market. This also enhances the status of Vietnamese fruit juice manufacturers with high-quality products from quality sources.
    • Culture factor: The point is that the agricultural culture of farming and raising livestock has existed in Vietnam for thousands of years. And so, farming is not only for economic gain but also a way to maintain cultural heritage value. Hence, the government strongly encourages modern, clean, and sustainable fruit and livestock farming practices with a lot of incentives. This, therefore, fosters the manufacturing process of fruit juice in Vietnam to comprehensive development.

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    Top fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam

    Here is a list of the leading fruit juice manufacturers in Vietnam for you to partner with.

    Tan Do Beverage

    Tan Do Beverage - Fruit Juice ManufacturerSource: Tan Do Beverage

    Tan Do Beverage is a global beverage manufacturer with 3 own brands including Tan Do, Tropi, and Denavis. Especially, as a 25-year private label beverage producer, Tan Do offers a one-stop-care beverage solution with ODM/OEM service for partners in 6 continents with more than 50 countries.

    Tan Do has many advantages to become the top ideal manufacturer of fruit juice. Tan Do Beverage operates a large-capacity production factory and state-of-the-art facilities and possesses an abundant source of raw materials. In addition, Tan Do also gained international standard certifications with FDA, FSSC, ISO, HACCP, Halal Jakim,…

    The product portfolio is extremely diverse from coffee drinks, milk drinks, energy drinks, and aloe vera drinks,… to fruit-based drinks. Remarkably, Fruit juice drink is one of the main products of the category with various flavors available such as apple, banana, grape, mango, pineapple, and orange,… They all are preferred by international customers over the world.


    Giavico - Fruit Juice ManufactureSource: Giavico

    Established in 1992, Giavico International Food Co., Ltd is a senior beverage company with many years of experience. Besides offering OEM/ODM services to customers, Giavico also provides marketing data, production parameters, and consumer behavior to help customers choose optimal solutions for their products.

    In particular, the company offers many unique products such as fresh juice, vegetable/ fruit juice puree (dragon fruit, soursop, watermelon, acerola,…), concentrate, sacs & dice, high fiber drinks, can products, quick, frozen products… etc.

    Giavico’s available packaging options include  plastic pails (18~23kg/pail), PE plastic bags (1~10kg/carton), 50-gallon drums (180-250kg/drum), and OEM CO-packing PET bottles (235-2000ml).

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    Nafoods Group JSC

    Nafoods Group JSC - Fruit Juice ManufactureSource: Nafoods

    The company was established in 1995 in Nghe An province, Vietnam. Nafoods started a factory project to focus on the production and export of juice products in 2000. With a modern production line from Europe, the company can operate with extremely large capacity and become one of the leaders in green and sustainable agricultural value chains.

    The product portfolio that Nafood produces includes Fresh Fruits, Dried Fruits and Nuts, IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) Fruits and Vegetables, Juice Concentrate (Calamansi, lime, lychee, dragon fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, watermelon), and NFC/Puree Juice ( Durian, banana, jackfruit, papaya,…).

    Lavifood JSC

    Lavifood - Fruit Juice ManufactureSource: Lavifood

    Lavifood specializes in the preliminary processing, production, and processing of high-quality Vietnamese fruits, vegetables, and agricultural products for domestic and export markets. Lavifood’s products are certified by global quality assessment organizations, ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC, Halal, and Kosher.

    A multi-tasking production line system can handle fresh fruit (VHT), freezing (IQF), blanching, drying, concentrate, puree, and vegetable juice (HPP).  Thanks to that, Lavifood provides many fresh products, nutritious, safe, and convenient, meeting domestic and international consumer needs. Some concentrated juices are passion fruit, mango, dragon fruit, pineapple, and watermelon,…

    Fil d’OR Co., Ltd

    Fil d'OR Co., Ltd - Fruit Juice ManufactureSource: Fil d’OR

    Fil d’OR delivers its products fresh from the farm to bottle, using strict sourcing requirements for orchards and farms. Thanks to the strict standards, their products have been exported all over the world.

    Fil d’OR supplies ingredients to restaurants and food chains. Besides, they produce various detox press cleanse fruit juice: lime ginger, fresh root, and super green immune boost.


    This is the end of the article Top Fruit Juice Manufacturers in Vietnam. Hopefully, the article will bring useful information to readers who are looking for a fruit juice manufacturer in Vietnam. If you have any questions or want to learn more about ODM/OEM private label beverage service, do not hesitate to contact Tan Do or find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube,… We are here for you.

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