Top 10 recipes of fruit puree commonly used in making drinks

    Fruit puree is the name of a food that is currently very popular in both the food and beverage industry. Let’s learn more about fruit puree in the following article.

    What is fruit puree? What are the uses of fruit puree?

    Fruit puree is a form of fruit that has been processed by grinding, squeezing or mixing different types of fruit jams into a smooth, puree and easy-to-use mixture. The purpose of processing fruit into a puree is to create a paste or to turn the fruit into a thick liquid form while preserving its flavour and nutritional value.
    Usually, the puree is usually made mainly from fresh fruit, but sometimes green vegetables, beans, etc.


    Fruit puree has a wide variety of uses in the beverage industry. Some of the uses in beverages include:

    • Used as an ingredient in the preparation of drinks: cocktails, mocktails or smoothies and many other drinks.

    In addition, fruit puree also has many uses in the food processing industry such as:

    • Coordinate with some ingredients used to make cakes and decorate dishes.
    • Some fruit ice creams also contain puree ingredients. Most probably sauces and puree are used to make sauces for many dishes, …
    • In particular, fruit puree is considered an extremely useful food for children who are learning to walk, eat, … with nutritious ingredients that are easily absorbed by the digestive system of children.


    The puree is considered the perfect alternative to some fruit that is past the harvest season.
    The second thing is the shelf life. It is the number one choice as it has a longer shelf life than fresh fruits perfectly without affecting the taste.
    Above all, for seasonal fruits, long-term preservation can be a bit difficult. Fruit puree is the saviour for this problem, creating for out-of-season fruits both helps preserve the long-term and provides long-term fruit that is not in the harvest season.


    Health benefits of fruit puree

    Fruit puree is a perfect alternative to industrial, unhealthy fruit jams. If you are following a diet or healthy lifestyle, fruit puree will help you reduce a large number of calories in your daily food. Not only that but it can also be used as a substitute for cooking oil or butter when served with some baked goods. They also help make food more delicious without harming health.
    Although the calories in fruit puree may be higher than fresh fruit of the same type, the quality of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals is the same.
    Fruit puree is like fruit, helping you to load up a large number of antioxidants for the body. Helps you stay younger longer, strengthens the immune system and limits damage to cells in the body.


    Top 10 recipes of fruit puree commonly used in making drinks

    Here is a summary of a few of the most popular fruit purees that many people love to use that you can refer to:

    Blueberry puree

    Blueberry puree is loved by almost everyone in the world. With a unique taste and extremely high nutritional content. Blueberry puree contains a lot of vitamin C and healthy minerals, so this dish is always loved by many people.

    Passion fruit puree

    Passion fruit is considered a tropical fruit that is always loved in the beverage industry.
    Today, with modern processes, passion fruit puree always retains the most natural taste. The fresh yellow flesh, combined with passion fruit seeds, always makes passion fruit puree, creating the attraction of both flavour and colour in beverage preparation technology with a unique tropical style.


    Mango puree

    Puree mango is made from ripe mangoes that are peeled and pureed. This is great when fresh mango can only be stored for a few days but puree is different. Making puree from mangoes allows you to keep the product stable for longer, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the fruit from season to season.
    Mango is a tropical fruit with a taste that many people love and the mango puree also has the advantage of 100% mango ingredients that still retain value. The uses may include:

    • The puree is the perfect alternative to fresh mango
    • Application in baking technology: making toppings, cake frosting
    • The puree is also ideal for making mango juice, mango smoothies, mango flavoured whipped cream

    Strawberry puree

    Strawberries are not available in every season and strawberry puree will be a great alternative for you to choose. Similar to regular fruit purees, strawberry purees are made from ripe strawberries, going through several stages to form. It still retains the values and flavours of strawberries but has a longer shelf life than fresh fruit.
    Strawberry puree is found and used quite a lot in concoctions, used as a substitute for fresh juice and used to create fruit flavours in baking technology.

    Strawberry puree is a familiar ingredient to make drinks or cakes
    Strawberry puree is a familiar ingredient to make drinks or cakes

    Pomegranate puree

    Pomegranate is considered a much-loved fruit and pomegranate puree is loved even more because of the method of making as well as the original taste and convenience that it brings.
    Pomegranate puree contains three times more antioxidant activity than red wine and green tea. Helps you effectively improve resistance. Not only that, but if you love pomegranate juice, pomegranate puree is a very effective solution to save preparation time, but the taste is completely fresh.

    Peach puree

    Like other fruit purees, peach puree was created to replace fresh fruit with the advantage of long shelf life while preserving colour and flavour. You can easily find them in fruit tea or juice shops.
    More specifically, products with ingredients from peach puree are currently receiving a lot of positive reviews from users, and most of them are teenagers.

    Raspberry puree

    No longer strange to young people because of its popularity, but did you know that most raspberry juices are made from raspberry puree. In this way, the taste of raspberry juice perfectly preserves the freshness, colour and flavour that is what makes fruit puree always stand out in the beverage industry.

    Raspberry puree is often served with delicious sandwiches
    Raspberry puree is often served with delicious sandwiches

    Grapefruit puree

    Puree grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and fibre, … provide enough nutrition for the body. In particular, if you are in the process of losing weight in a healthy way, then grapefruit puree is an extremely wise choice.

    Watermelon puree

    Watermelon puree is a perfect choice when you want a glass of watermelon juice or a watermelon smoothie in the middle of a hot day. Using watermelon puree will help you reduce the preparation time when you do not have much free time. This is also a great solution if you want to enjoy fresh watermelon taste all year round without using unseasonal watermelon with many preservatives, growth stimulants … harmful to health.
    Watermelon puree can also be used to make ice cream, mousse, or cake toppings… and still retain the fresh, sweet taste of watermelon.

    Apple puree

    Apple is a fruit with diverse nutritional components: fibre, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants. The taste is great too. But it’s a pity that apples are not available all year round. And apple puree is the solution for you. No need for the right season, you can still enjoy the flavours and benefits that apples bring with apple puree.

    Apple puree tastes great
    Apple puree tastes great


    Fruit puree is a perfect alternative to time-consuming brewing processes or large quantities of concoctions per day. It also helps you ensure fresh ingredients for your company’s beverage production line without spending too much on shipping or waiting for the required fruit crop.
    Suppliers are also an option worth considering if you want to take a new direction in the beverage industry. By building a purveyor, you’ll only need to take care of a certain seasonal supply. This is too easy when you just need to choose large fruit farms that are capable of bringing huge output each year and the quality of fruit is always guaranteed to be the best.

    Suppliers are also an option worth considering

    Above is interesting knowledge about fruit puree in daily life, as well as in the food and beverage industry that you can refer to. Don’t forget to FOLLOW US for more useful knowledge about the current beverage industry.

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