The process and benefit of the apple juice processing line

    Apple juice is the most popular juice. It is a delicious, low-calorie beverage with many nutrients and no fat. The apple juice processing line is divided into several stages: apple washing, cleaning, waxing, grading, packing, apple chopping, apple juice extracting, juice residue separation, juice concentrating, and juice packing,… Read on to understand how this procedure works.

    Apple juice benefits

    Apple juice is a low-cost beverage with many health benefits. Fructose, glucose, vitamins A and C, and cellulose are all present. Drinking apple juice can help with a variety of nutritional needs. It will produce gas in the intestines while also promoting intestinal peristalsis and digestion. 

    Apple contains isoflavone that can help control asthma. Potassium can help with arthritis and rheumatism. The soluble fibre in apple juice can prevent cholesterol deposition on the vessel wall, lowering the risk of heart disease and arteriosclerosis. Apple juice is an intestinal cleanser. It can lower the risk of liver and kidney disease because it is a low-calorie disease.

    Apple juice has many health benefitsApple juice has many health benefits

    Apple also is very beneficial for controlling cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of various cancers, controlling diabetes, and aiding in weight loss. Apple concentrate contains polyphenols, which aid in bone protection during menopause, provide relief from respiratory disorders such as asthma, and aid in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It has been linked to normal aging cognitive decline, pulmonary function, bone health, and gastrointestinal protection.

    How to preserve apple juice

    Fresh apple juice can be kept in the fridge for two to three days before fermenting. Apple juice can keep for longer periods by doing:


    Using the top of an empty fruit juice carton, cut off the top, insert a polythene bag, fill it with juice, tie the top of the bag, and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, take the bag out of the box, and you’ll have a brick of juice that you can stack in your freezer. Over five gallons can store in one cubic foot. Juice can freeze for months without affecting the flavor significantly.


    There are many ways to preserve apple juiceThere are many ways to preserve apple juice

    Pasteurized juice can be kept for six months to 2 years, depending on how it is stored. Careful pasteurization will kill any organisms that could cause the juice to spoil while retaining its fresh apple flavor.

    Pasteurising in bottle

    Fill clean glass bottles with juice and loosely close the caps before placing them in the pasteurizer tank, filling the tank with water to the required level and setting the pasteurizer to 75°C. Set the pasteurizer timer to 20 minutes. The timer will count down once the juice inside the bottles has reached temperature. When the timer runs out, tighten the caps on the bottles and are carefully removed and cool. 

    Pasteurising in bag

    Alternatively, for medium-term storage, juice can be pasteurized in 3, 5, and 10-liter bag-in-boxes. The bags can be filled with ready-to-pasteurize juice and sealed using a filling stand. The same process described above can pasteurize two 5 liter bags or one 10 liter bag in the pasteurizer simultaneously.

    Note: Because the tank capacity is insufficient, the 20-liter bag should not use in the pasteurizer. Bag-in-boxes can easily fit into a fridge and are ideal for serving chilled apple juice. Bag-in-box pasteurized juice should have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months.

    Why do you want to make your apple juice?

    The future of the apple juice processing industry

    The apple is regarded as the most nutritious fruit, containing various vitamins, minerals, and sugars. Eating apples regularly helps to improve memory and intelligence and improve the respiratory system and protect us from smoke pollution. Aside from eating apples raw, we usually process them into apple juice and apple jam. 

    Apple juice processing market is growingApple juice processing market is growing

    In recent years, apple juice processing has emerged as a significant industry in Vietnam. Tan Do Beverage is a leading supplier of apple juice processing lines in Vietnam, offering a cost-effective solution for your apple juice production.

    Apple juice processing market analysis

    According to Profshare, the apple juice market is expected to reach USD 8989.6 million by 2027, with a CAGR of 3.1% between 2019 and 2027. Increasing health concerns and a greater desire to live a healthy lifestyle are important factors driving the market growth. 

    People are looking for convenient options as their lifestyles change, and one of these is apple juice. This juice is one of the most popular beverages consumed and enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world, ensuring that the global market will be on the up in the future.

    The global vital apple juice market is growing because of rising health consciousness and increased mergers and acquisitions, strategic collaborations between companies, and increased vendor investment to ensure a steady supply of apples. Introducing new products and flavors has also contributed to market growth.

    Process of apple juice processing line

    Washing and sorting

    Clean and fresh apples are essential for making delicious and healthy juice, so an apple washing machine is a must-have piece of equipment to ensure apple sanitation. The blower, a water tank, a roller, a spray water tube, and a hopper are the major components of an apple bubble washing machine. 

    Clean apples make delicious and healthy juicesClean apples make delicious and healthy juices

    It is a professional machine based on high-pressure fan wind cargo pump water pressure to produce strong stirring movement, the apples in the water back, improve cleaning efficiency, and special-purpose machinery to achieve clean apples.

    In the pre-treatment of fruit juice, an apple sorting machine is essential. The apple sorting machine’s operating premise is that the stainless steel shafts roll themselves to carry apples. The apples on the shafts can spin evenly, allowing working staff to pick out low or inferior-quality apples quickly. Finally, the waste will carry to the receiving tank.

    Apple juice extraction

    The following are the characteristics of a spiral juice peeling and squeezing extractor:

    • High-strength rollers provide high efficiency comes
    • All stainless steel conforms to food hygiene standards
    • Interchangeability of upper and lower belts and inverter-adjustable belt speed
    • Belts with a compact structure and a high juice yield
    • Simple to use, high output, and nearly completes peeling

    Apple juice clarification, concentration, sterilization

    Clarification, separation, filtration, homogeneity, degassing, and other procedures should follow when producing fruit juice.

    Apple juice can be concentrated as needed. Concentrating systems are essential in the apple juice production line because concentrated apple juice is small, which reduces packing and shipping costs. In this procedure, a vacuum degasser and a falling film evaporator can be used. Still, 100% pure apple juice is the best, so you can choose to concentrate based on your actual conditions.

    Clarification is one of the apple juice production processesClarification is one of the apple juice production processes

    Sterilization is an essential step in the production of juice beverages before filling and packaging. There are plant UHT sterilizers, tube-in-tube sterilizers, continuous spraying sterilizers, and sterilizing kettles to sterilize apple juice. The tube-in-tube sterilizer is used to sterilize puree, whereas the plate UHT sterilizer is used to sterilize clear apple juice.

    Apple juice filling and packing

    Filling and packing are essential at the end of the apple juice production process; there are bottle blow molding machines, PET bottle filling machines, aseptic bag filling machines, metal can filling machines, and so on.

    Advantages of apple juice production line

    1. Pre-sterilization and post-sterilization are two sterilization processes that can ensure the cleanliness of the entire apple juice production process.
    2. Two cleaning processes: bubble cleaning and flat roller cleaning, can cleanse the apple.
    3. Increasing the enzyme inactivation process can inactivate polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and pectin methylesterase (PME) in apple juice, reducing browning in the subsequent production process and slowing the fermentation deterioration process.
    4. Filtration process: use a double filter with a mesh number that completely separates large apple meat particles and other impurities.

    Apple juice is a low-cost drink with many benefitsApple juice is a low-cost drink with many benefits

    A complete apple juice processing line comprised many juice processing machines, such as water treatment equipment, bottle risers, filling machines, sealing machines, sterilization equipment, CIP cleaning machines, filtration equipment, packaging equipment, etc. The prices for those items are exorbitant.

    So, is there a way to save money without building factories and processing lines? Well, let’s contact us. We will take care of that for you. Tan Do Beverage is a reputable fruit juice machine manufacturer in Vietnam, having exported and manufactured many fruit juice processing lines. Tan Do fruit juice processing line is used to make fruit juice drinks, and the output can customize to meet the customers’ needs. We provide the technology process, workshop layout design, and complete technical guidance.

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