Passion Fruit Nectar 500ml Can Private Label

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Key ingredient: Passion Fruit

☑️ Flavour: Passion Fruit

☑️ Volume: 500ml

☑️ Packing: Aluminum Can

☑️ Certification: ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC

☑️ Supply Ability: 150 Twenty-Foot Containers/ Month

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    Tay Nguyen province is our source for passion fruit input, as this area supplies for nearly 90% of national production. Along with their scalability, strict standards, including using pesticides, watering, and fertilizing, are regulated by farmers in this area to maintain sustainable and high-quality output. 

    To be specific, a soil mixture must be made from compost, topsoil, and coarse sand. The mixture must be softened and fertilized before growing. The tree must be watered regularly, and insecticides and pesticides should not be used until the early stages of insect problems are identified. Early use of those plant protecting drugs can significantly decrease the quality and quantity of outputs. It takes from a year to a year and a half to start the harvest season. As the ripened fruits would drop down and the quality is not affected, farmers would collect the fruits after it drops to achieve the best quality. After harvesting, these fruits are delivered to our factory in air-free styrofoam boxes. Those boxes must be able to resist shock while also ensuring maximum aeration.

    Passion fruits provide various types of beneficial vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin C… They are perfect for boosting the immune system, supporting heart-related diseases and diabetes, and reducing anxiety. Minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium in passion fruits would maintain bone density, help in speedy recovery of bones, and prevent osteoporosis.


    Passion Fruit

    Packing & Size

    Aluminum Can 500ml

    Additional information

    Delivery Time

    18 – 20 days after deposit

    Sea Port

    Hai Phong Port, Vietnam

    Payment Term

    T/T, L/C


    Passion Fruit


    Aluminum Can 500ml


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