Guava Juice Drink with Pulp 250ml Can Private Label

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Key ingredient: Guava

☑️ Flavour: Guava

☑️ Volume: 250ml

☑️ Packing: Aluminum Can

☑️ Certification: ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC

☑️ Supply Ability: 150 Twenty-Foot Containers/ Month

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    Thanh Ha guava is well-known for its exceptional sweetness and quality, not only in Thanh Ha, Hai Duong but also in the Vietnam market and the international market. Thanh Ha is a fertilized area as it is located near the Huong river, with an appropriate climate for the development of tropical fruit trees. Moreover, to adapt to the market’s ever-increasing quality demand, the VietGAP standard is widely adopted in Thanh Ha area to plant green guava.

    Green Thanh Ha guavas’ quality has been standardized over the many generations of farmers in Hai Duong. They are grown on a large scale with strict planting regulation, with specialized irrigation and fertilizing solutions.

    Before harvesting, harvesters have to ensure that those guavas are evenly light green and scabrous and have white intestines while giving a perfect sense of sweetness and crunchiness as the fruits are being ripened. After harvesting, these fruits are delivered to our factory in air-free styrofoam boxes. Those boxes must be able to resist shock while also ensuring maximum aeration.

    Thanh Ha guava is an exceptionally healthy, tasty, and affordable fruit. It contains many vitamins and minerals as vitamin A, vitamin C, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, and Manganese, etc. As it is low in cholesterol and sodium, it is beneficial for treating heart-related patients. Some more guava functions are improving skin beauty, anti-aging by activating collagen production, supporting substances for the cartilage and the joints, and protecting skin and body from external factors. The endocrine system would be improved as the copper in guava supports the production and absorption of hormones, and guava also acts as a treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure disease.



    Packing & Size

    Aluminum Slim Can 250ml

    Additional information

    Delivery Time

    18 – 20 days after deposit

    Sea Port

    Hai Phong Port, Vietnam

    Payment Term

    T/T, L/C




    Aluminum Slim Can 250ml


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