Kiwi Juice: The Perfect Drink for Your Body (with Recipes!)

    When kiwi is mentioned, people tend to think about kiwi jam and raw kiwi as desserts or decorations in birthday cakes. But what about drinking kiwi juice regularly to maximize the health benefits of this delicious fruit? It is such a good idea but remains unfamiliar to many people. Therefore, this article will give you an A-Z guide about how kiwi juice is beneficial for your health and how it can be easily made at home.

    Kiwi juice: Kiwi smoothie

    What is kiwi juice?

    Kiwi is known to be native to North-central and Eastern China and as the national fruit of New Zealand.
    According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams serving kiwifruit has 61 calories, 14.66 grams of carbohydrates, 1.14 grams of protein, and 0.52 grams of fat 3 grams of fiber. With its unique features, kiwi is featured as a topping in pavlovas or fruit bowls, salads, and smoothies.
    However, the most common use is raw fruit and fruit juice to make the most of its nutritional value. The liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals (phytonutrients) found in the fruit.
    Kiwi can easily be juiced by both centrifugal juicers and slow masticating juicers.

    5 incredible health benefits brought about by kiwi juice

    1. A powerhouse of vitamin C

    People often have misconceptions that lemons and oranges contain the highest amounts of vitamin C. However, one of the highest sources of vitamin C is actually from kiwi fruit. Kiwis are nutrient-dense and full of vitamin C.
    Kiwi fruit source of vitamin c
    In fact, just 1 cup of kiwi provides about 273 percent of your daily recommended value. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminating free radicals that could cause inflammation or cancer. It is also an essential nutrient when it comes to boosting your immune system to ward off disease.

    2. High source of vitamin E

    Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B6, B12, E, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. These contribute collectively to the body’s proper functioning, such as blood circulation through the vessels, fight stress, iron absorption for healthy bones and teeth, good vision, etc.
    Kiwi fruit source of vitamin e
    Since kiwi juice is very rich in Vitamin E, moderate consumption of kiwi can help grow your hair fast. If you are worried about hair-related problems, then you must drink at least a glass of kiwi juice every day for thick and shiny hair.

    3. Good for pregnancy

    good for pregnancy
    Being a super drink with many incredible health benefits, kiwi juice, if being drunk during pregnancy is good for both the baby and the mother. The high folate content protects the babies from neural defects. It also provides expecting mothers with nutrients such as magnesium and potassium (which can also be found in some other fruits such as pear and raspberry). They are known to improve muscle strength and ease muscle cramps and fatigue.

    4. Improve the digestive system

    improve the digestive system
    Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme known as actinidin which is known for its protein dissolving properties, similar to that of soursop’s high fiber content. This is the reason why it is commonly used as a meat tenderizer. Moreover, it helps in the digestion of proteins in the body. It is also known to help patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

    5. Make your skin beautiful

    The vitamins (especially C and E) in kiwi are great for the skin as they act as antioxidants, preventing skin degradation. Basically, the vitamin E present in the fruit heals the skin. Vitamin E is known to repair skin damage, whether it’s UV damage or sin abrasions, vitamin E can protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.
    beautiful skin model
    With damage under control, Vitamin C goes further to reawaken sluggish skin cells so that these can effectively revitalize your skin quickly to repair the damage. Take a few slices and apply them to your or drink kiwi juice regularly for good results.
    By detoxifying the system from free radicals, dirt and dangerous water, kiwi juice cleanses the skin from the inside, which brightens the complexion, makes it clearer, and adds a glow. Drinking kiwi juice is one of the most natural ways to get vibrant skin.

    Original and mixed recipes of kiwi juice you can try today

    With all the amazing benefits for our health, kiwi juice is unarguably the best breakfast drink to wake you up and keep you energetic for the rest of the day. Thus, why don’t you try simple recipes of this beverage, drink it on a regular basis and enhance your fitness?

    1. Original kiwi juice

    Kiwi juice is simply made with inexpensive ingredients that can be found in any convenience store, street market, or supermarket. On top of that, when being juiced, fresh kiwi fruit will maintain the same taste as eating raw fruit. That means you don’t have to bother peeling the kiwi whenever you want to enjoy this wonderful fruit!

    Original kiwi juice

    Ingredients: based on the number of servings you would like to have, the number of ingredients may vary.

    • 2 Kiwi Fruit
    • 1/4 Cup sugar or as required
    • 1 Pinch Salt
    • 4 Cups Water
    • 1 Cup Ice Cubes

    Instructions: with only 5 a-piece-of-cake steps below, homemade kiwi juice is done!

    • Step 1: Wash and clean kiwi fruit. This step is the same for all fruits when you juice them. Because kiwi fruits have little fuzzy skin, cutting them crosswise can only be done after careful washing.
    • Step 2: Using sharply edged spoons to take the pulp is the easiest and fastest way of removing the fruit’s skin. If not, you can use a knife!
    • Step 3: In a blender, you know you need to add the scooped-out kiwi pulp, sugar, salt, and water. Blend it until it forms a smooth pulp.
    • Step 4: Pour the juice into glasses, cups or bowls.
    • Step 5: Add some ice cubes to make this drink even more refreshing. And finally, enjoy it together with your family members or friends!

    2. Kiwi juice combination

    Apart from the original recipe with kiwi fruit only, people may mix kiwi with other fruits such as watermelon, banana, and strawberry to enjoy a fresh juice combination taste. Among them, strawberry-kiwi juice seems to be the most common juice mix.

    juice combination recipe


    • 4 cups strawberry halves
    • 1 cup quartered peeled kiwifruit (about 2 kiwifruits)
    • 1 cup of water
    • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
    • 3 tablespoons honey/sugar
    • Ice (optional)


    • Step 1: Wash strawberry and kiwi under freshwater before cutting off the strawberry stem and peeling the kiwi.
    • Step 2: Place all the prepared ingredients in a blender or juicer. Process until it becomes smooth. Please note that you can adjust the amount of water and sweetener according to your preference.
    • Step 3: Pour the juice into a glass with ice cubes, some kiwi and strawberry to decorate your juice.


    Whether homemade or mass-produced, Kiwi juice is worth using on a regular basis because of all the health benefits you will get by incorporate them into your diet.
    Not only kiwi juice that has the power to improve your health, find out how pear juice makes your life better.

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