White Label Beverage Company – All You Need to Know

    White label beverage company

    A white label beverage company is a B2B drink supplier who can help grow beverage brands. However, many small/new brands still lack knowledge about this topic or about how to find a suitable white label drink.

    A white label beverage helps brands enter the market quickly, with low investment. In this article, let’s learn all the important knowledge from Vietnam’s top white label beverage manufacturer.

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    What is White Label Beverage

    A white label beverage is a generic drink made in-bulk by a supplier using their own recipe, specifications and technology. Then another company will buy the pre-made beverage, rebrand it as their own and market it as they please. This is the process of white labeling.

    In other words, a company who uses a white label beverage service will buy a generic drink from a manufacturer, put their brand on the bottle and sell it as if they made them. In this case, the buyer does not have their own recipe or production line, and is responsible for marketing the product.

    What is a White Label Beverage Company

    Simply put, a white label beverage company is usually a drink manufacturer that sells their pre-developed and pre-made products to other businesses to brand as their own, often operating strictly as a B2B business without any direct consumer channels.

    However, due to the nature of the business, a white label company usually offers private label services at the same time to maximize its ROI.

    Difference between White Label and Private Label Beverage

    Private labeling is the process of outsourcing your production to another capable manufacturer with better systems and efficiency. This means that a private label beverage is produced by a manufacturer using the buyer’s own recipe.

    The terms “white label” and “private label” are often used interchangeably due to some similar characteristics of these processes. But, there are some distinctions that aspiring brands need to keep in mind.

    White label beverage Private label beverage

    The manufacturer (supplier) has already developed and manufactured the beverage.

    Another brand (the buyer) contacts the supplier, buys the drink and puts their own brand/label on the drinks.

    The buyer then sell and market that drink under their own brand.

    There is little to no customization.

    The buyer will perform market research and develop their own drink recipe.

    The buyer then gives this recipe to a private label company (the supplier).

    The supplier will manufacture this product to the buyer’s exact specifications.

    There are lots of customizations.


    The recipe is owned by the supplier.

    The buyer only purchases the products and put their label on it.

    The supplier can sell this drink to many different buyers, each has their own brands.

    The recipe is exclusively owned by the buyer (that’s you).

    The supplier only manufactures the product. They don’t own the recipe and can’t sell it to anyone besides the buyer.

    Cost The cost is low for the buyer:

    • No market research cost
    • No R&D, formulation cost
    The cost is higher for the buyer:

    • Spend more on research
    • Spend more on R&D, formulation
    Speed Enter the market faster thanks to the lack of R&D phase. Take longer to adjust and formulate, reach the market slower.

    If you are interested in creating a white label/private label product, you can try out our Private label beverage manufacturing services.

    Let’s Look at an Example

    If your company, let’s say “Falafel Co.” is very popular for your falafel, and now you want to create a drink with your “Falafel Co.” brand on it (so that you don’t have to lose revenue to Coke or Pepsi and capitalize all the profits).

    Let’s assume that you want to sell coconut water.

    But you have no experience, small funds, no production facility, and only want to experiment with this idea, so you need to choose a suitable white label or private label service to make your coconut water. You searched all across Google to see if someone can fit these requirements. Finally, you found Tan Do and contacted us for help.

    Tan Do is an OEM/ODM beverage company that provides both white label and private label services.

    If you go the white label path, then Tan Do will give you a catalog of Coconut Water drinks that we already made before (with all the detailed specs).  Afterward, you take some samples and select which drink you like best (e.g, lotus flavored)and send your label design to us. Next, we will create “Falafel Co. Coconut Water, Lotus flavored” ready to sell, using the formulation you chose from our catalog.

    But if you choose a private label service, you’ll first need to research your customers and create a formula determining:the sweetness, flavor, pulp or no pulp, etc. Then, you’ll give this recipe to Tan Do, and we’ll take care of everything from manufacturing, packaging, label design and finally, deliver the drinks to your warehouse, ready to sell.

    Tan Do – A Leading White Label Beverage Company

    Tan Do White Label BeverageTan Do Beverage is a credible manufacturer of White and Private Label beverages. Click here to learn more!!

    With over 20 years of experience, we offer over 500+ white label drinks that have been success-proven in 5 continents and 50+ countries. Our white label beverage catalog includes: Fruit Juice, Coconut Drink, Energy Drink, Milk Drink, Tea Drink, Aloe Vera Drink, Coffee and Nata de Coco.

    Download our product catalog to find out.

    Tan Do’s white label beverage service will give you many advantages:

    • Low MOQ
    • Diverse choice of flavor and packaging styles
    • Free label designs
    • Unlimited, free sample
    • Large supply capability

    We also achieved many crucial international certificates like: Halal Jakim, HACCP, FSSC Certificate, FDA Registration, ISO 22000, Halal GCC. This will help you deliver your products to stores across the globe.

    Read more: Why should you choose Tan Do?


    That’s all you need to know about beverage white labeling and white label manufacturing companies. Hope that this article can provide some knowledge and help you on your way to create a successful beverage business.

    If you have any questions or want to find a suitable OEM/ODM beverage manufacturer, feel free to contact Tan Do.

    We are more than glad to help.

    The more information you provide, the more we can understand your need and provide the best support.

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