Chia Seed Drink Passion Fruit 500ml PET Bottle Private Label

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Key ingredient: Passion Fruit

☑️ Flavour: Passion Fruit

☑️ Volume: 500ml

☑️ Packing: PET Bottle

☑️ Certification: ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC

☑️ Supply Ability: 150 Twenty-Foot Containers/ Month

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    Chia seeds have an impressive nutritional profile, which has significant positive impacts on consumers’ health and well-being. Thus, our chia-seed-related products, which are sourced from South America, are highly qualified for their nutrition. We produce high-quality products for our partners by strictly imposing standards on our input ingredients: organic, chemical-free, and not damaged. 

    This food is familiar to many regions, especially South America, although they do not have an appealing flavor. However, packed with great nutritional value, they are regularly consumed by mixing with water, sugar, or milk to revive energy. Despite their richness in nutritional value, cultivating them requires tremendous effort. As the seeds are tiny, soaking and digging holes before seeding are unnecessary, but farmers still have to cover them with soil. After a week of regular watering, the seed would germinate. During the growth of chia seeds, mulching, weeding, watering, and providing organic soils are of paramount importance.

    Chia seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals: protein content is 20% higher than other grains,  with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, fibers, and omega-3. Therefore, a wide range of health benefits is covered. They support the weight loss process, maintain cholesterol levels, and treat inflammation. They also assist an excellent immune system, good digestion, and fight against diabetes.


    Passion Fruit

    Packing & Size

    PET Bottle 500ml

    Additional information

    Delivery Time

    18 – 20 days after deposit

    Sea Port

    Hai Phong Port, Vietnam

    Payment Term

    T/T, L/C


    Passion Fruit


    PET Bottle 500ml


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