Beverage packaging innovations that are reimagining the industry’s future

    Innovative beverage packaging is essential in a constantly changing market. More than just a means of confinement, innovation in packaging helps reduce production costs and make better use of materials. Come with us as we explore exciting developments reshaping the beverage industry.

    beverage packaging innovation tan doBeverage packaging innovation has changed over time

    Key areas of innovations in beverage packaging

    Beverage packaging innovations focus on sustainability, functionality, health safety and transparency. From there, manufacturers can release products that satisfy consumer expectations and environmental standards.


    The global beverage industry generates 500 billion waste plastic bottles annually, of which more than 70% are in landfills. Four out of the ten largest plastic corporations are food and beverage manufacturers.

    When plastic packaging is burnt or discarded, it adds to the destruction of the environment. Every year, the open burning of plastic bottles, sachets, and cartons produces approximately 4.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The extraction of raw materials for beverage containers, such as soda ash for glass production, depletes natural resources. Additionally, the production process releases phosphates into the environment, which can overload rivers and coastal seas.

    That is why urgent action is needed to shift toward more sustainable packaging alternatives.

    • Use 100% recycled plastic or rPET.
    • Packaging made from barley straw and bamboo is gaining popularity.
    • Recyclable wrappers, paper cushions, and compostable food containers reduce waste and environmental impact.
    • Wine bottles made from recycled paper and starch-based polymer bagging are also eco-conscious choices.

    These sustainable packaging solutions benefit the environment while meeting customer needs for eco-friendly practices!

    Decorative Packaging

    To appeal to younger customers, stay relevant, and meet the overall demands, brands are doing everything possible to change their packaging design, with some examples like:

    • Clean, minimalist designs that focus less on the brand and highlight the beverage itself are gaining popularity.
    • More innovative and unique bottle shapes, such as square or triangular bottles.
    • Customers can print messages or images with custom labels and packaging on personalised bottles.
    • Develop packaging materials that compliment the beverage (OKF soda bottle, color-changing glass, ceramics)

    Companies are getting creative to bring unique and exciting designs to customers.

    Beverage packaging innovation shapeJuice bottle with a unique shape inspired by bitten apples

    Functional packaging

    Beverage companies are transforming their packaging to meet consumer functionality, health, and sustainability demands.

    Functional Ingredients Integration

    Brands are incorporating functional ingredients directly into their beverage packaging. For example, vitamins, probiotics, and nutraceuticals can all be infused into bottle caps or labels. This allows consumers to enjoy additional benefits while enjoying their favourite beverage.

    Temperature-Sensitive Labels

    Some beverage packages include temperature-sensitive labelling. When the beverage reaches the recommended serving temperature, these labels change colour or disclose secret messages.

    Portion Control and Reusable Packaging

    Brands are designing innovative beverage packaging that encourages portion control. Single-serve containers or resealable pouches allow consumers to enjoy the right amount without waste.

    Self-heating/cooling packaging

    The packaging contains a heating/cooling agent separated from water by a thin breakable membrane. The membrane breaks when the user presses a button on the package, allowing the water and the agent to mix. An exothermic/endothermic reaction occurs, releasing heat or cooling down the water.


    Easy-to-open lids have become a welcome innovation thanks to their convenience. Like standard screw caps, they help drinks stay fresh. Best of all, many of these lids can be recycled. Easy-open lids are user-friendly for everyone, including the elderly and disabled.

    Beverage packaging innovation design

    Aluminum can and easy-to-open lid for beverage packaging

    Nanocomposite and Nanotechnologies

    In the field of food packaging applications, nanocomposites are becoming increasingly important. These composites are made up of polymer matrices that are infused with nanofillers. These materials possess superior barrier, mechanical strength, and thermal stability properties.

    The use of modest quantities of nanofillers such as montmorillonite, zinc oxide, and silver nanoparticles considerably increases the performance of packaging materials. For example, nanofillers with antioxidant characteristics can protect drinks from oxidative degradation and prolong shelf life.

    Nanocomposites allow the introduction of antimicrobial agents into packaging materials. This helps prevent microbial growth and spoilage, ensuring beverage safety.

    Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider migration issues, toxicity concerns, and consumer acceptability regarding nanocomposites. Brands must prioritise the prevention of nanomaterial leaching into beverages and ensure consumers are confident in using this innovative packaging.

    Smart packaging

    Brands use innovative packaging with QR codes, NFC technology, and even augmented reality (AR). Scanning these codes provides consumers with information about the beverage’s origin, nutritional content, and personalised health advice.

    These technologies also help create personalised interactions. Imagine being able to scan the QR code on your soda can to get a personalised recipe or a discount on your next purchase.

    Beverage packaging innovation QR code

    Greatview’s packaging innovation with a QR code

    6 Examples of beverage products with innovative packaging

    A tasty beverage isn’t the primary selling point in today’s market. Sustainability, environmental friendliness, personalisation and eye-catching packaging are to be noticed.

    Sugar Cane Biodegradable bottle

    Sugar cane-based biodegradable bottles are an exciting development in sustainable packaging. These bottles are crafted from sugar cane, a sustainable resource. Sugar cane can capture CO2 from the air during growth, making it carbon neutral. Thus, it is an intelligent method of converting sunlight and air into long-lasting, BPA-free plastic.

    Despite being biodegradable, these bottles are sturdy and perfect for daily use. They may be used several times, making them a practical option.

    Beverage packaging innovation plant based plastic

    Bottle Up’s bottle is made entirely from renewable plant-based plastic

    Pepsi rPET bottle

    One example of PepsiCo’s efforts to find environmentally friendly packaging is the introduction of rPET bottles made entirely of recycled plastic.

    By 2025, PepsiCo promises to create packaging that can be recycled, composted, biodegraded, or reused. Their vision is to create a world where packaging never becomes waste. And they are making every effort to achieve this goal.

    Beverage packaging innovation rPET

    PepsiCo India’s 100% recycled plastic bottles for Pepsi Black carbonated drink

    Tethered caps for Tetra Pak carton packages

    Tetra Pak’s newest addition to its assortment of carton package openings and closures is tethered caps. The caps are intended to tackle three critical issues simultaneously: reducing waste, improving food safety, and minimising environmental impact.

    There are several types of Tethered Caps, such as:

    • TwistCap™ OSO 34 Pro: A fully renewable one-step resealable tethered cap features a screw opening mechanism with tethered strings that keep the lid attached to the package.
    • C38 Pro: A resealable tethered cap based on a screw opening mechanism. The cap stays attached to the package, preventing litter.
    • HeliCap™ 26 Pro: Features a screw and flip concept with a self-locking hinge after opening.
    • DreamCap™ 26 Pro: Features a new screw and flip concept with a self-locking hinge after opening.
    • LightWing™ 30: A new flip cap concept with a self-locking hinge developed to provide convenience for in-home consumption.

    Tetra Pak’s tethered caps prevent litter and accelerate the transition to more sustainable materials, aligning with their commitment to a greener future.

    Beverage packaging innovation paper boxes

    The latest addition of Tetra Pak’s openings and closures

    Tetra Pak plant-based paper boxes

    Tetra Pak offers a plant-based cap made from polymers derived from sugar cane. This choice increases the total amount of renewable content, contributing to expected CO₂ reduction compared to standard packaging.

    Crown Reactinks™ colour changing can

    Reactinks™ are designed with an exceptional ink that skillfully blends multiple hues. These inks react to both temperature and sunlight. So, this innovative beverage packaging is perfect for summer promotions when refreshing beverages are in high demand.

    Beverage packaging innovation tactile can

    Crown’s innovative designs help the brand boost its presence

    Crown Emprint™ tactile printed can

    Emprint™ provides a superior tactile feel to beverage cans. The distinctive micro-embossed finish adds texture to the can surface, making it more appealing to the touch. Appealing to the senses increases buyers’ interest in the goods.

    In addition to its texture appeal, this beverage packaging innovation also creates visual effects. When light interacts with its surface, the product appears with a matte/glossy or 3D look.


    Innovative beverage packaging has changed the world by reducing waste and improving the customer experience. The possibilities are endless, from biodegradable materials to 100% recycled PET bottles and uniquely designed tethered caps.

    Contact us now if you are looking for an OEM/ODM manufacturer to help you turn your creative ideas into reality. Our mission is to provide beverage companies with advanced, high-quality, and trend-setting formulas. All of Tando’s products have achieved important certifications in the domestic and foreign markets, including: ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, etc.


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