Amino acid (BCAA) Drink: The next big trend in functional beverages

    Amino acid drinks, often known as BCAA drinks, have become more prevalent in the beverage sector due to their distinctive function in muscle health and performance.

    Whether your customers are athletes or health-conscious people, amino acid beverages are a trending product for them, promising to promote muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown. In this article, we will explore the magic behind amino acid drinks.amino acid BCAA drinks

    Rejuvenation Water’s functional beverage with amino acids

    What is an amino acid drink?

    An amino acid drink is a beverage that contains essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). The idea behind these drinks is to make it easy and quick to get extra amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.

    The most common formulations for amino acid drinks usually include:

    • BCAAs: These include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. For example, Leucine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in protein synthesis and muscle repair.
    • Other Essential Amino Acids: Other critical amino acids in amino acid beverages include lysine, methionine, and phenylalanine.
    • Non-Essential Amino Acids: Some formulations include non-essential amino acids like glutamine and arginine.
    • And other ingredients like water, caffeine and flavouring.

    So, what is the difference between Amino acid drinks and Energy drinks?

    While both are popular, Amino acid beverages and Energy drinks serve different purposes and offer distinct benefits.

    Amino acid drinks Energy drinks
    Purpose Amino acid drinks are formulated to provide a quick and convenient protein source. Energy drinks are intended to deliver an immediate energy boost.
    • Natural Caffeine Sources: Instead of artificial stimulants, amino energy drinks use natural caffeine sources.
    • Amino Acids: These drinks contain essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs play a crucial role in muscle growth and repair.
    • Vitamins: They often include B vitamins.
    • Concentrated caffeine: Energy drinks contain higher levels of caffeine (often more than 100mg per serving).
    • Taurine: An amino acid-like compound.
    • Sugar: Many energy drinks are sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    • Other Stimulants: Some energy drinks include guarana, ginseng, or other herbal extracts.
    • Sustained Energy: Unlike traditional energy drinks, amino acid drinks offer a steady stream of energy without jitters or crashes.
    • Enhanced Focus: Combining amino acids and natural caffeine promotes mental alertness.
    • Muscle Recovery: Amino acids support muscle repair and growth.
    • Quick Energy: Energy drinks deliver rapid energy due to high caffeine content.
    • Alertness: They enhance alertness and combat fatigue.
    • Performance Boost: Energy drinks are popular among athletes and those needing an energy surge.
    Typical Nutrition Facts
    • Calories: 5-10
    • Total Fat: 0g
    • Sodium: 100mg
    • Vitamin C: 50mg
    • Vitamin B6: 2mg
    • Vitamin B12: 6mcg
    • Caffeine: 100mg (from tea leaf and/or coffee bean)
    • Amino Acid Blend: 5g (specific amino acids not listed)

    (per 250ml serving)

    Calories, sugar, and other ingredients vary widely among different brands and formulations.

    As a result, amino acid beverages are designed to provide long-lasting energy, muscular repair, and mental clarity. In contrast, energy drinks deliver a quick energy boost but may include more caffeine and extra sweets.

    amino acid BCAA drinks caffeine

    Caffeine-rich energy drinks help boost your energy level quickly

    The benefits of amino acid drinks with BCAA

    Amino acid drinks are popular among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others looking to improve muscle health, recovery, and general well-being. They can be taken before, during, or following exercise to improve performance, minimize muscle pain, and increase muscular development.

    Boost workout performance and reduce fatigue

    Amino acids provide a steady source of energy during workouts. Unlike traditional energy drinks, which may cause jitters or crashes, amino acid drinks offer sustained energy without sudden spikes.

    Amino acids, especially the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), repair muscle tissue after intense exercise. BCAAs, like leucine, stimulate protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth and recovery.

    BCAAs, when consumed during or after workouts, can alleviate post-exercise muscle soreness and contribute to faster recovery by minimizing muscle damage.

    amino acid BCAA drinks benefits

    Drinks containing BCAAs help reduce muscle fatigue and endurance

    Improve muscle mass gains

    The effectiveness of a protein for muscle gain is influenced by its digestibility. Higher digestibility means more protein can be broken down and used for muscle building. The diluted amino acids in BCAA beverages improve the body’s ability to absorb them.

    Essential amino acids (EAAs) are vital for muscle growth. The body cannot produce these amino acids, and must be obtained from food sources. Protein types with high essential amino acid content include:

    • Fish
    • Meat
    • Dairy products
    • And Amino acid beverages

    Amino acids facilitate the replacement of damaged muscle fibers with new muscle protein, promoting muscle mass growth and efficient strength gains.

    Prevent muscle loss

    Essential Amino Acids or EAAs, particularly leucine, effectively prevent sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). One study found a link between EAA intake and exercise, which increased muscle mass and strength in adults.

    Consuming BCAAs may help maintain the amino acid levels stored in skeletal muscle and control the balance between muscle atrophy and growth.

    Replenish cellular fluid after working out

    During exercise, cells lose fluid through sweat. Amino acids help restore this lost fluid by promoting water uptake into cells.

    Amino acids also contribute to electrolyte balance, which is crucial for cell function. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium maintain cell hydration and prevent dehydration.

    Newest Brands of Amino Acid Drinks

    Promising an ample supply of essential amino acids and essential nutrients, these amino acid brands can meet the needs of athletes, sports enthusiasts, and health-conscious people. Here are the leading brands in the amino acid beverages revolution.

    Applied Nutrition ABE Pre-workout drink

    The ABE Carbonated Beverage by Applied Nutrition is a pre-workout option that combines convenience and performance. What sets ABE Pre-workout apart is its potent blend of high-quality ingredients, including essential Amino acids like Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and Taurine.

    amino acid BCAA drinks brands

    With high nutritional ingredients, Applied Nutrition ABE provides sufficient energy

    Applied Nutrition BCAA Amino Hydrate

    amino acid BCAA drinks brands 2

    Applied Nutrition BCAA Amino Hydrate is a carbonated, low-calorie drink

    BCAA Amino Hydrate by Applied Nutrition is a sugar-free intra-workout and recovery drink mix highly recommended for athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, boxers, and fitness enthusiasts during their workouts.

    BCAA Amino Hydrate delivers maximum amounts of BCAAs, which play a crucial role in muscle recovery and growth. Optimal formula combined with Electrolytes (Calcium, Chloride, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium) and Citrulline, this drink aids in hydration and muscle function, providing an intra-workout pump.

    ON Amino Energy Sparkling

    Amino Energy Sparkling, by ON, helps with performance and stamina in daily life

    ON Amino Energy Sparkling is a multipurpose, well-liked option combining energy and hydration.

    The key features of this beverage are:

    • Contains 5 grams of amino acids, essential for muscle repair and growth.
    • Delivers 100 mg of caffeine from coffee beans and/or tea leaves.
    • Carries electrolytes that support hydration and active living.
    • With 0 grams of sugar, it’s a smart choice for health-conscious individuals.

    Thanks to ON Amino Energy’s diverse collection, customers can choose their preferred flavours, such as strawberry, green apple, watermelon, etc.

    amino acid BCAA drinks brands 4

    Amino Energy Sparkling comes in a variety of fruit flavors


    amino acid BCAA drinks brands 5

    CELSIUS BCAA +Energy has the right amount of caffeine to increase your endurance.

    CELSIUS BCAA + Energy is a refreshing post-workout recovery and hydration drink designed to replenish and rebuild. This amino acid beverage is formulated with BCAAs, Vitamin D3, Electrolytes, and Caffeine (in just the right amount), which helps boost endurance and supports immune system functions.

    Go Amino Go BCAA 

    amino acid BCAA drinks brands 6

    Amino Go BCAA promotes endurance, recovery, and attention during exercises.

    Each Go Amino Go BCAA can contain 2.5g of BCAAs, 180mg of caffeine, and vitamins such as B6, B12, and C. These help keep your energy metabolism running smoothly and reduce tiredness.


    The rise of Amino acid drinks marks a shift in the functional beverage industry. With its promise to boost workout performance, speed recovery, and optimise muscle growth, this beverage will increasingly become a trend in an era where consumers prioritise health and physical wellness.

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