Top 9 Most Popular Orange Juice Brands in the Market (2023)

    With all the recent health concerns, premium and organic juices, especially orange juice products, are leading the market for fruit beverages. This is a golden opportunity for organic, and premium orange juice brands

    According to Statista, Tropicana, Simply Orange, Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural and other Private Label brands (like Whole Foods, Target, etc.) are dominating the orange juice market in the US and also worldwide.

    top 9 orange juice brands
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands

    Below is a list of 9 top orange juice brands, chosen to help customers make the best decision for their orange juice purchases.

    How to choose the best orange juice brand?

    When considering the popularity of the orange juice brand, we’ll look at how much market share they have, how customers respond to their flavors and what their product offerings are.

    • Flavors: We look at taste test results to determine which is the customer’s most favorite (with factors like consistency, pulp added, acidity, sweetness, tanginess, etc.)
    • Product diversity: The brand’s orange juice product portfolio is diverse enough and can offer good value to consumers.
    • Emphasis on quality and organic: Is the juice made from concentrate or not? Is it certified organic, etc.?
    • Market share: The orange juice brand must have a significant market presence, or be a part of a category that is rising (like private label juices).

    The top 9 best Orange Juice brands

    Below is our list of the 9 most popular orange juice brands, chosen by their market share, quality and flavor.

    top 9 orange juice brands market share
    Most Popular Orange Juice Brands by Market Share
    1. Tropicana

    Tropicana is the leading manufacturer of branded orange juice in the world. Tropicana Pure Premium, their flagship product, is non-GMO certified, guaranteed from fresh juice and not from concentrate.

    In 2019, Tropicana’s annual orange juice sales reached nearly $900 million, dominating the market space.

    top 9 orange juice brands tropicana
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Tropicana

    Tropicana boasts a huge range of orange juice brands, such as:

    • Tropicana Pure Premium Original
    • Tropicana Pure Premium Light
    • Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand (lots of Pulp)
    • Tropicana Pure Premium No Pulp

    Tropicana’s orange juice flavor is rated as a bit mild, not too tart, with good texture and viscosity. It’s a pleasant orange juice drink suitable for many people.

    1. Simply Orange

    Owned by Simply Beverages, another big brand in the fruit beverage category, Simply Orange is another famous orange juice brand with $700 million in sales in 2019. It’s also a household name in many countries, available in many retail chains like Walmart, Target.

    top 9 orange juice brands simply orange
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Simply Orange

    Simply Orange’s product portfolio includes:

    • Simply Orange Original
    • Simply Orange No Pulp
    • Simply 50 – Orange Juice 50% less sugar

    Simply Orange’s flavor is rated as quite tart and tangy, but not too sour. It has a smooth texture and classic orange flavors that is great for mixing with other drinks and cocktails.

    1. Minute Maid

    Minute Maid is owned by Coca-cola, the largest beverage brand in the world. Despite having significantly less market share than their biggest competitors, their sales still made up nearly $200 million dollars in 2019.

    top 9 orange juice brands minute maid
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Minute Maid

    Minute Maid offers a variety of flavors for their orange juice products:

    • Original Orange Juice
    • Pulp Free Orange Juice
    • Orange Juice With Calcium And Vitamin D
    • Kids+ Orange Juice
    • Home Squeezed Orange Juice With Calcium And Vitamin D
    • Country Style Orange Juice

    In taste tests, Minute Maid’s Orange Juice is rated as not too acidic, with a looser texture and light orange flavors. The overall flavor is quite balanced, with the sweetness, acidity, or orange flavor not standing out too much.

    1. Florida’s Natural

    Florida’s Natural is a popular domestic brand in the US. It is a farmer-owned company, focusing on using local US fruits to create its beverages. In 2019, they sold a total of over $220 million dollars of orange juice.

    top 9 orange juice brands floridas natural
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Florida’s Natural

    Florida’s Natural offers 5 variants of the classic orange juice

    • Orange Juice No Pulp
    • Orange Juice With Pulp
    • Orange Juice Most Pulp
    • Orange Juice No Pulp with Vitamin D & Calcium
    • Orange Juice With Pulp with Vitamin D & Calcium

    The Orange Iuice from Florida’s Natural is rated as having the most pulp, with notable orange flavor (with the zest and essential oil flavor). They have a stronger tangy flavor and more sweetness. It’s a good replacement for fresh orange juice in other drink recipes.

    1. 365 Organic Orange Juice

    Stepping into the private label space, first we have 365 Organic Orange Juice from Whole Foods. Being a distinguished retailer known for its unique product, Whole Foods’ 365 Orange Juice is sure to capture the attention of customers.

    top 9 orange juice brands 365 orange juice wholefoods
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands 365 Organic

    365 Orange Juice is focused on delivering an organic, not from concentrate juice. It is certified USDA Organic and is guaranteed to be made with fresh-squeezed orange juice.

    There’s not much variation in the product range. They only offer original and no pulp versions in different packaging.

    Flavor-wise, the juice is rated as having a good fresh orange juice flavor, with lots of pulp and some natural frothing. These are the selling points of Whole Foods Orange Juice, giving customers the impression that they are drinking real, fresh-squeezed orange juice. The OJ also has a nice balance of acidity and sweetness.

    1. Great Value Orange Juice

    Great Value is a private label brand owned and sold by Walmart, focusing on giving customers great value for their budget. The Great Value Orange Juice is offered alongside many other brands under the Great Value, at all Walmart locations.

    top 9 orange juice brands great value
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Great Value

    The Great Value Orange Juice portfolio includes

    • Great Value Original Orange Juice With Pulp
    • Great Value Original Orange Juice No Pulp
    • Great Value Pasteurized Orange Juice With Pulp
    • Great Value Pasteurized Orange Juice No Pulp

    Great Value Orange Juice has a well rounded taste, with the sweetness and acidity having a nice balance. It does have some tanginess, but the aftertaste is quite pleasant.

    1. Good & Gather Organic Orange Juice

    Good & Gather is Target’s own brand of high-quality and affordable grocery products, designed to provide customers with diverse and reliable groceries. Good & Gather Orange Juice is focused on delivering a better option for packaged orange juice, while still providing good prices.

    top 9 orange juice brands good and gather
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Good & Gather

    The store brand orange juice offers a pulp free and with pulp versions. They come in bottle and paper box packaging to provide more choices.

    Good & Gather Orange Juice is described as having a quite neutral taste, with moderate sweetness and acidity. But the orange flavor does not stand out much from the rest.

    1. Kirkland Signature Orange Juice

    Kirkland Signature Orange Juice, sold as Costco’s private label, focuses on providing high-quality products at a great value. As a trusted and well-established brand, Kirkland Signature Orange Juice reflects Costco’s assurance of premium quality and consumer satisfaction.

    top 9 orange juice brands kirkland signature
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Kirkland Signature

    The product is certified USDA Organic, and is not made from concentrate. This is great quality for value at Costco. A downside is that they only provide an Original Orange Juice flavor. So there’s not much diversity.

    Taste-wise, Kirkland Signature Orange Juice is not too acidic and tart, with a nice sweetness. The juice is quite thin and does not have a lot of pulp. But many customers still consider its taste among their favorite orange juices.

    1. Ocean Spray Orange Juice

    Most famous for its cranberry-based beverages and products, Ocean Spray is now using its production capacity to expand into other fruit beverage categories, including Orange Juice.

    top 9 orange juice brands ocean spray
    Top 9 Orange Juice Brands Ocean Spray

    Despite the 100% Juice claim, Ocean Spray Orange Juice is actually made with Orange Juice concentrate, but they still offer great value and good quality for their orange juice brand.

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