Tan Do Beverage at Gulfood 2023

    We are so excited to share with you Tan Do’s recent trip to the 2023 Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai.

    The exhibition, which is considered one of the largest food and beverage events in the world, was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our high-quality beverages to customers from all continents.

    After 2 years of the pandemic, 2023’s Gulfood saw a record breaking number of visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. Everyone is taking this opportunity to collaborate after such a long period of quarantine.

    Throughout the exhibition, we had the chance to meet with customers and offer them samples of our drinks. We were delighted with the positive response from hundreds of attendees who tried our beverages, which included our signature fruit juices, refreshing coconut water, and traditional Vietnamese coffee.

    Our commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients and sustainable production methods is what sets us apart. We believe that it’s important to create drinks that not only taste great but are also good for you and the environment. And we were thrilled to see that our message resonated with visitors to the exhibition.

    Our trip to the 2023 Gulfood Exhibition was a great success. We were able to connect with customers from all over the world, showcase our high-quality products, and help bring the flavors of Vietnam to a global audience. We look forward to participating in more events like this in the future and continuing to share our passion for great-tasting, healthy beverages with the world.


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