Tan Do 2023 PLMA Chicago Trade Show

    Proudly representing Vietnam at the record-breaking, sold-out private label trade show.

    The Private Label Manufacturer Association (PLMA) has long been the leader in the US and EU’s private label world. As a result, they have a great ability to connect private label manufacturers and retailers from all around the world, to facilitate the growth of our industry.

    In 2023, PLMA held the Chicago Private Trade Show, drawing a record number of 1600 exhibitors and 6000+ retailer visitors coming to expand their private label supplier networks. And Tan Do Beverage is proud to be a significant part of this phenomenal event.

    Among all the amazing events, Tan Do Beverage is really proud to debut our iconic beverage lines at the New Product Expo, situated at the center of the Trade Show. The products displayed at the New Product Expo represent the latest trends in private label products, submitted by leading manufacturers and retailers.Among the ranks of displayed products are household names like Walmart, Circle-K, and 7/11. We are incredibly proud that our Tropical Fruit Juice Drinks and Aloe Vera Juice Drinks are selected as among the most innovative products for the Expo.

    Tan Do PLMA 2023 Chicago Trade Show

    Our Booth at the Trade Show also attracted many visitors interested in private label beverages. We were given incredible opportunities to introduce our beverages to the US retail industry. And they did not disappoint.

    We brought with us many staple beverage lines of Tan Do, including: Fruit Juice Drinks, Coconut Drinks, Aloe Vera Drinks and Coffee Drinks. For fruit products, we include many iconic tropical flavors like: Passion Fruits, Mango, Soursop, Mangosteen, Guava. And customers who tried them loved all their flavors!!

    Tan Do PLMA Chicago 2023

    This has been our first mark to spread the Tan Do brand across the US. And in 2024, we’ll be continuing to appear in many more private label events!! So be sure to update the latest information!

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