Tan Do 2023 Annual Company Retreat

    2023 has been an incredible year with exceptional business performance for Tan Do Beverage. That’s why, to say thanks to all our amazing employees and workers, Tan Do has decided to host our biggest internal event for nearly 200 employees.

    This year’s destination is Lan Ha Bay, an amazing natural reserve with many breath-taking natural sceneries. With many team-building, kayaking and touring events, this trip has delivered great joy to our entire company. From the start, all of our employees took part in many team-building games and competition, held right on the beach side of Cat Co beach. The many activities include fortress siege, jumping sack and flag defense. These all are great team-building activities that allow all our teams to work together.

    Then, at the gala dinner, all departments of Tan Do Beverage have prepared special performances to share with each other their unique talents. Things like musical plays, dance routines and traditional music have brought many joy and laughter to all attendees.

    Through this meaningful trip, we hope to build stronger relationships between our employees, to create a more comfortable and welcoming work environment for all of the amazing Tan Do family.

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