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    Many new drinks are launched every year based on the demands of the beverage market and current trends; thus, 2021 is not an exception. Thousands of upcoming innovative beverage brands and beverage products will hit the shelves in nearly time. And no one can know for sure who is the next winner in the run to the crown.

    This article will narrow them down into the top 15 prominent new drinks that hit the market in 2021 and give a deep insight into each brand that helps you analyze and figure out which brand can be your next competitor.

    Top 15 prominent new drinks launch in 2021

    1. Michelob Ultra Organic Hard Seltzer

    Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer company is the first national USDA certificated organic hard seltzer
    Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer company is the first national USDA certificated organic hard seltzer

    Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer company is the first national USDA certificated organic hard seltzer, hit shelves across the US in January with three flavors: cucumber lime, spicy pineapple and peach pear.

    Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer products contain zero carbs, zero sugar, 80 calories, and 4% alcohol and are filtered six times to remove impurities.

    The Anheuser-Busch brand targets the more mature hard seltzer drinker, aged 35-54 years old, driving half of the growth in the hard seltzer segmentation.

    The company promises to deliver a clean and pure liquid that is as real as it tastes and each product made from the finest ingredients.

    This new hard seltzer will be available in 12-pack 12oz cans, 24-pack 12oz cans, and 25oz cans. The second variety pack and additional flavors will be launched later this year.

    2. Galipette Cidre

    Galipette Cidre is a French cider brand, is launching in Spain and Andorra.
    Galipette Cidre

    Galipette brand comes from the lush green orchards of Northwest France. That is the place with mild temperatures, and the perfect combination of sun and frequent showers create ideal conditions for apple cultivation.

    The cider is made from 100% fermented pure apple juice, is naturally gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and now available with three variants: rich Brut (4.5% ABV), the naturally sweeter Biologique (41% ABV) and a non-alcoholic (0.0% ABV).

    Galipette Brut has a home in Brittany, France, which is made from 100% fermented apple juice, pressed from hand-picked local cider apples.

    Brut is never from concentrate; it’s prepared with pride according to French tradition. Galipette is naturally free from gluten and no added artificial sugar or sweeteners.

    Galipette Biologique originates from 100% fermented apple juiceBiologique is made in Normandy, France. The cider is crafted of hand-picked organic cider apples and is naturally free from gluten and has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    Similar to Brut, Galipette Biologique originates from 100% fermented apple juice and never from concentrate. Galipette Biologique gets its semi-sweet richness from the natural apples with amber-toned, clear, and slightly fizzy, creating a taste of pure fruit.
    Non-alcoholic is made of 100% cider apples from France, Galipette 0% offers aromas of crisp red apples with citrus notes. The all-natural, non-alcoholic drink balances bright acidity with gentle spiciness and a refreshingly semi-sweet finish.

    Like its cider variants, the golden amber-hued Galipette 0% is naturally free from gluten and vegan friendly with no added artificial sugar or sweeteners.

    Ramon Garcia Fernandez – director of Sibbaris Privee, said: “Spain is the fifth largest cider market worldwide with more than 100 million liters consumed annually and growing.”

    3. Galea

    Beverage brand GaleaBeverage brand Galea was launched in the US in early 2021, with a collection of 7% ABV drinks.

    Crafted in Spain, Mediterranean drinks are organic wine harmoniously blended with natural ingredients.

    The essence of the Mediterranean is reflected in each Galea Drink. The red, white, rose sangrias, the mimosa and the mulled wine is passionately crafted with organic wines, fruits, and a sophisticated frizzante touch that delights your senses.

    The handcrafted sangria, mimosa, and mulled wine recipe with natural ingredients and aromas carefully blended make each sip experience the Spanish lifestyle and tradition. The brand will bring the Galea experience to everyone on Earth.

    Galea is low sugar, low-alcohol drink. Be creative, garnish with your specific favorite fruits or add a touch of the liquor of your choice, and make this cocktail recipe yours!

    Galea seals their passion in each bottle to maintain its great flavor down to the last drop, not to miss that the bottle is recyclable and reusable.


    4. Drinkwell

    DrinkWell IPA contains 99 calories per bottle with flavor including tropical & citrus fruits.
    DrinkWell IPA contains 99 calories per bottle with flavor including tropical & citrus fruits

    DrinkWell retailer, which specializes in reduced calorie alcohol, has launched its own new IPA.

    The 4.1% ABV beer contains 99 calories per bottle with flavor including tropical & citrus fruits, with a lingering bitterness with malt undertones. This new drink is vegan-friendly and 100% of gluten-free with 3g carbs.

    At over 35% fewer Calories than other IPA’s, this is the first Reduced-Calorie and Carb IPA’s ever produced in the UK.

    Formerly SkinnyBooze, DrinkWell now offers a collection of lower-calorie wine, beer, cider, champagne, hard seltzers, spirits and premixed cocktails.

    5. Tazo iced tea

    Tazo iced teaTAZO has introduced its newest addition to its RTD iced tea lineup, Calm which infused with a harmonious blend of chamomile and herb, will allow customers to find their daily moment of calm.

    The TAZO herbal tea is caffeine-free and low in sugar (5g of sugar) and 20 calories per 121 oz. Calm products are now available in the refrigerated section of groceries in a multi-serve bottle TAZO’S RTD teas are USDA organic, non-GMO and include no artificial colors.

    The products are packaged in 100% PET bottles and a multi-serve from 12 oz to 42 oz bottles at major grocery retailers across the US.

    TAZO’s other RTD tea flavors, such as Zen (green tea is featuring an infusion of spearmint, lemon verbena, green tea and lemongrass); Awake (a black tea); and Passion (a herbal tea infused with hibiscus, orange peel and cinnamon).


    6. Chobani: Ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffee

    Chobani: Ready-to-drink cold-pressed coffeeChobani, the US manufacturer of creamy blended Greek yogurts, oat milk, probiotic drinks, and dairy, is launching new product Chobani Coffee: an RTD coffee made with single-origin cold brew using Choban’s oat milk and dairy creamers.

    According to Nielsen, the new Chobani Coffee addresses the large and growing $1.6bn RTD coffee category, which has increased 17% annually.

    Chobani coffee is a 32 fluid oz cold-pressed coffee crafted from natural ingredients, starting with 100% single origin arabica beans, blended with natural milk, or plant-based oat milk in four favorite flavors.

    Cold Brew Pure Black (no sugar, no dairy), Cold Brew with Oatmilk (made with lactose-free and gluten-free oats), Cold Brew with Sweet Creamer and Cold Brew with Vanilla (each made from farm-fresh milk).

    All of Chobani coffee is gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

    The new drinks will be available nationwide at the supermarket and retail stores, with a suggested retail price of $4.49 per 32oz multi-serve or 2/57 on promotion.

    7. Miami cocktails Spritz

    Miami cocktails spritz offered in five delicious flavors - new drinks
    Miami cocktails spritz offered in five delicious flavors

    Miami cocktails company offered in five delicious flavors (Mimosa, Paloma, Bellini, Margarita, and Sangria), each of the organic spritzers provides just 110 calories and offers up a 4.2 % ABV, which are sold in 4-packs for $12.99

    In specific, Sangria spritz (sunrise rosé) is made from organic rosé wine lightly paired with organic orange, lime, and pineapple juices. Margarita spritz (Mango Peach Rosé) is made from rosé wine lightly paired with organic mango and peach juices.

    Paloma spritz (Grapefruit & Hibiscus) is extracted from organic 100% Blue Weber agave wine, lightly paired with organic grapefruit, hibiscus, and ginger juice. Mimosa spritz (Mandarin Rosé) has originated from rosé wine lightly paired with organic mandarin, orange and tangerine juices. And the last one is Bellini spritz (Elderflower & Ginger) with Organic 100% Blue Weber agave wine lightly paired with organic lime, elderflower and ginger juices.

    The Organic Spritz line also contains no added sugar. And 90% of the sugar found in the product comes from wine and juice. They add just a touch of lower glycemic organic agave nectar or organic cane sugar to sweeten lightly.

    8. Jim Bean Classic/Ginger Highball

    Classic Highball is made with Jim Beam bourbon, premium seltzer and a hint of citrus
    Classic Highball is made with Jim Beam bourbon, premium seltzer and a hint of citrus

    Jim Bean is now available in mixed drink canned cocktails, including a Ginger Highball and Classic Highball. The new releases come in at 5 % ABV each and are available as a four-pack or as single 355ml slender cans at select retailers nationwide.

    Classic Highball is made with Jim Beam bourbon, premium seltzer and a hint of citrus. This ready-to-enjoy cocktail is bubbly and bright with lemon and orange flavors.

    Ginger Highball has the flavor of crisp ginger ale that comes together with smooth Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for a ready-to-enjoy refreshment.

    9. Mayne & Co’s The Modern Mimosa

    Mayne & Co's The Modern Mimosa - new drinksThe Modern Minosa wine is sustainably grown in a cooperative of small farmers in Italy, and our organic orange juice comes from California. The perfect ratio of wine to orange juice in the Modern Mimosa is about 3/4 wine (+ bubbles!) and 1/4 organic orange juice.

    The Modern Mimosa is not certified gluten-free or vegan and contains 10% ABV for 250ml per can.


    10. Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

    Hornitos Tequila Seltzer - new drinksHornitos Tequila company has launched a new line of tequila-based ready-to-drink beverages, Hornitos Tequila Seltzer, which hits shelves in the U.S. in March 2021.

    The new drinks combine natural Plata tequila with refreshing seltzer, resulting in the perfect choice for those seeking a refreshing, ready-made cocktail for their high-energy moments. Hornitos Tequila Seltzer is now available in two natural flavors – Lime and Mango – without any artificial sweeteners.

    Hornitos Tequila Seltzer is already available in select markets and nationwide now. Each variant contains less than 115 calories and natural ingredients. The ready-to-drink tequila seltzers are available in 12 oz cans, have 5% ABV, and a suggested retail price of $11.99 per four-pack.

    11. Truly Citrus Squeeze Hard Seltzer

    Truly Citrus Squeeze Hard Seltzer - new drinksThe Truly Citrus Squeeze is a new flavor that replaces Truly’s orange flavor and mixes some of the most favorite citrus flavors, like lime, grapefruit, and orange, together.
    An excellent carbonation factor that compliments the beverage is not too many bubbles and not too few bubbles. This new drink has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5%, meaning it packs a nice little punch. Each can weigh in at 100 calories, with 2 grams of total carbs and 1 gram of total sugars. It is also gluten-free.

    12. Onda Sparkling Tequila

    Onda Sparkling Tequila - new drinksOnda Sparkling Tequila makes cans of the drink with Blanco tequila from a women-owned distillery, Casa Maestri, located in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. And the drink uses real fruit juice for its classic lime and tart grapefruit flavors. Each can contain 5% of ABV, has zero sugars and carbs and is only 100 calories with all-natural ingredients.

    Its taste would be described as light and refreshing with just a hint of tequila.


    13. Flying Fish Selterz

    Flying Fish Selterz - new drinksFlying Fish Seltzer is sparkling water blended with alcohol and fruit flavoring, hits the sweet spot with two flavors Lemon & Lime and Raspberry, low sugar, low calories and all of this while delivering natural flavor and refreshment.

    The locally produced hard seltzers will come in two new flavors: lemon & lime and raspberry with 300ml slim cans containing 5.5% alcohol by volume. Described as a “light and easy-drinking beverage,” the drinks contain 0.5g sugar/100ml and 35 calories/100ml. By comparison, 100ml of Flying Fish beer includes 5.6g of sugar and double the calorie count.

    These new drinks will be sold exclusively through Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay online and Bottles for the first three months after launch.


    14. Good Sunday’s lemon gin soda

    Good Sunday's lemon gin soda - new drinksLemon gin soda is a type of lower-alcohol beverage.

    The beverage blends the finest ingredients to create a dry and always refreshing drink. They are crafted using a combination of local Ontario gin, real lemon juice, freshly carbonated water, gluten-free, 100 calories, 1g of sugar, and 3% alc to create the perfect cocktail.

    This drink was made in Ontario and launched in April 2021.

    15. AHA new flavors: Mango + Balck Tea and Raspberry + Acai

    AHA new flavors: Mango + Balck Tea and Raspberry + Acai - new drinksCoca – Cola’s AHA Sparkling water has unveiled two new calorie-, sodium- and sweetener-free flavors – Raspberry + Acai and Mango + Black Tea – driven by extensive research and consumer testing.

    AHA Mango + Black Tea, with flavors of mango and black tea and 30mg of caffeine pairings with no sweeteners, no sodium, and no calories. The drink adds 30 MG of added caffeine per 12oz can.

    The renewing taste of AHA Raspberry + Acai sparkling water also is known as seltzer, carbonated water, or fizzy beverage. This new drink will offer a unique sparkling water experience with no sodium, no sweeteners and no calories, and flavors of raspberry and acai.

    The two newest AHA Sparkling Water is now available at stores nationwide in 12- and 16-oz. cans.



    There are still many more new beverages launching in 2021 that will have an extremely bold entrance in the beverage market. The start of a new drink desperately needs to be based on current trends, customer preferences, a realistic strategy and its segmentation in a specific market.

    Keep your attention on our blog closely for the updated posts every week. Maybe the following article will satisfy you more than you expect!

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