Flavored water – More than just bottled water

    Flavored water used to be a new product in the beverage industry, but now it is becoming more familiar to many customers. Consumers are interested in flavoured water because of its inherent quality and attractive brand positioning.

    Beverage packaging and flavour innovations of flavoured water have attracted more consumers than before. In this article, let’s find out what factors make this beverage develop sharply in the marketplace.

    What exactly is flavored water?

    Flavored water is an enhanced bottled water formulation. It is added with vitamins, minerals, flavors, and nutrients, without the added sugars or calories in many other soft drinks. The ‘flavor’ in ‘flavored water’ usually comes from natural or artificial flavoring ingredients.

    Flavored water is usually packaged in bottles or cans for market sale. This product segment has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by health-conscious consumers seeking alternatives to sugary beverages. In 2023, the global flavored water market size was nearly $28 billion.

    flavored water packaging

    Some popular packaging of flavored water

    Contrary to popular belief, it actually has a complex formulation

    The ingredients of this innovative drink are basic and healthy for everyone. Three crucial ingredients include water, natural flavor extracts from fruits or veggies, and sweeteners. To provide increased health benefits, it can be enhanced with functional ingredients such as caffeine, electrolytes, probiotics, minerals, etc. Additionally, flavored water can also be produced as a type of carbonated or sparkling water.

    • Water is a basic ingredient for any beverage. It provides essential hydration for the body and keeps the body’s water levels balanced. Water also blends in nutrients such as sugar or amino acids in drinks, helping the body absorb them effectively.
    • Natural flavor extracts are compounds extracted directly from natural sources including fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These extracts are used in flavored beverages to create their aroma without involving the actual ingredients.
    • Sweetener is any of various natural and artificial substances that provide a sweet taste in foods and beverages. Many flavored water products use alternative sweeteners instead of raw sugar or syrups to avoid extra calories
    • Functional ingredients are any components providing specific health and lifestyle benefits beyond basic nutrition. Flavored water uses ingredients such as: electrolytes, caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants to create different effects for users.

    Flavored water comes in many classic flavors

    There are many factors influencing the popularity of beverage flavors like: customer demographics, market trends, etc. But usually, flavored water usually has fruit flavors to increse the perceived freshness. According to a survey, here are the most popular flavors of flavored water in 2024:

    • Lemon: These classic flavors have been chosen most by consumers. Both are refreshing with slightly sour and sweet flavors. However, lime is quite more bitter than lemon.
    • Lime: It is an iconic tropical citrus that is used to convey a feeling of refreshment and relaxation.
    • Berry: Berry flavors are often sweet and fruity. Some of them may have a mildly sour taste. They could be strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, or mixed berries.
    • Peach: Peach has a sweet scent and smooth flavor. It contains a combination of rich sweetness and juice without intense taste.
    • Cherry: It also has a sweet flavor but is more flavorful and lightly tart, depending on its type and ripeness. It is suitable for creating various tastes of flavored water.
    • Watermelon: Watermelon is a refreshing and hydrating fruit with its sweet and juicy taste. A cool watermelon drink is always an ideal choice during the hot summertime.

    These flavors can be found in any flavored water brand in the marketplace. They provide choices for consumers to try and enjoy the beverage. In addition, they are cheap and easy to buy for everyone to make their own favorite flavored water at home.

    Best packaging types for flavored water

    Packaging is essential for products. It is providing information to consumers, promoting brands, enhancing convenience, and minimizing environmental impact. It also plays an important role in the company’s marketing strategy.

    PET bottle: Using PET bottles to package drinks is no longer strange to flavored brands. Because PET bottles are highly durable and difficult to stain over time, they are safe to transport and move around without worrying about shattering or falling.

    Can: Another very common type of packaging used by beverage brands is the can. Due to their ease of use and enjoyment, customers continue to favor them. Flavored water cans are designed with unique art and color making them more attractive.

    Paper boxes: Paper packaging is not only environmentally friendly but also helps the product retain its original flavor most effectively. It can be recycled and refilled as other beverage packaging innovations.

    flavored water benenits tan doBottled flavored water can bring many benefits

    Why do consumers increasingly choose flavored water?

    There are many reasons why customers choose flavored water instead of other beverages. Avoid sweetened soda, high-level refreshing of drinks, health benefits, and lifestyle are some of the factors that make customers prefer flavored water.

    Avoid sugar-sweetened sodas

    Most sodas on the market are packed with added sugar. Over-consuming sugary soft drinks can cause many health problems. For instance, it can cause obesity, diabetes, heart risks, and addiction.

    On the other hand, flavoured water claims to have less sugar and additives than other sugary sodas. With the two main ingredients being water and natural flavour extracts, flavoured water is a good alternative to avoid sugary sodas.

    Drink more refreshing beverages

    Compared to plain water, flavoured water has diverse flavours to choose from. Moreover, it can be non-carbonated water or sparkling water. Thus, it brings consumers a brand new and exciting experience while using the product.

    The slight sweetness and aroma are also more refreshing than plain water. People can eat fresh fruit combined with drinking water and homemade flavoured water. This is a fantastic way to make simple beverages more joyful to drink.

    Gain more functional benefits

    Because of the high demand for healthy living, flavoured water has added functional benefits. It provides nutrients (minerals, vitamins, or antioxidants) from healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetable or medicinal herbs

    Also, flavoured water contains less calories and sugar, which prevents high sugar levels from being absorbed into the body. This will help consumers avoid being overweight or obese. It also reduces the risk of heart problems, digestive problems, and other problems.

    Another advantage of flavoured water is that it provides hydration. Because it has more flavour, flavoured water is more appealing than normal water. People will be interested in drinking more water, which improves their skin.

    Enhance their lifestyle

    Modern, younger consumers are more focused on a product’s appearance and trendiness than ever before. Modern packaging designs have creative brand positioning and can also provide sustainable packaging options. Here are a few ways flavored water can resonate with young buyers:

    Unique shapes and sizes: Customized packaging can include unique shapes and sizes that help products stand out on the shelf and attract consumer attention. It can differentiate the product from competitors.

    Limited edition products: Limited edition packaging is designed for specific promotions, events, or seasonal offerings. It often features exclusive designs, themes, or collectable elements to encourage excitement and purchase.

    Interactive packaging: Interactive packaging contains QR codes, reality experiences, or interactive games. It is especially suitable for events or campaigns. It creates an unforgettable brand experience and encourages consumer interaction.

    What are the most popular brands of flavored water?

    Flavored water is becoming increasingly known, so many brands are appearing on the market to attract customers. The following are some of the most famous companies for their innovative packaging design.

    Boxed Water

    This well-known flavored water company sells environmentally friendly goods. They only use natural fruit flavors and pure water as their two basic ingredients. It contains no calories, sugar, artificial additives, or gluten. This vegan water comes in a variety of tastes, including cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, blackberry, and watermelon. Boxed Water, as the name implies, does not utilize plastic bottles or cans for its water. Instead, they use inventive paper containers.

    flavored water brands eco friendly packaging

    Eco-friendly packaging from Boxed Water

    La Croix

    La Croix is an ideal choice for customers who want to try various flavors without spending too much money. Each sparkling water can is free of calories, added sugars, sweeteners and other synthetic ingredients. There are more than 20 flavors released with natural fruit essences.

    flavored water brands 2

    La Croix colorful flavored water cans

    JUST Water

    JUST Water’s products are also using organic fruit essences to flavor. This non-carbonated spring water has zero calories, no added sugars as well as artificial sweeteners. Focusing on being environmentally friendly, JUST Water packs products with paper boxes instead of plastic bottles. This beverage packaging innovation is made from paper and sugarcane, moreover, it can be refilled and recycled.

    flavored water brands 3

    Innovative paper boxes of JUST Water

    Liquid Death

    This flavored water is suitable for those who are interested in innovative beverage packaging. Liquid Death creates recyclable aluminum cans with limited-edition art. This flavored water brand’s product is different from other brands. Their sparkling water has several flavors such as lime, mango, and cherry with a lightly sweetened but more brutal flavor.

    flavored water brands 4

    Liquid Death limited edition cans

    Bai WonderWater

    Bai WonderWater products contain antioxidants, vitamin C or vitamin E. They also have low calories and sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. Each bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and has a variety of flavors. They also have mixed-flavor water bottles such as pineapple and mango, strawberry and lemonade, or coconut and mango.

    flavored water brands 5

    Bai WonderWater recycled plastic bottles

    Hint Water

    Hint Water has over 25 flavors without any sugar, calories, diet sweeteners, or preservatives. This flavored water is demonstrated as “water with a touch of true fruit flavor”. Hint Water uses bottle with simple packaging, which brings convenience when used.

    flavored water brands 6

    Hint basic flavored water bottles packaging


    Perrier is a long-standing sparkling water brand from France with middle-price products. Their flavored brand uses natural flavors such as lemon, lime, pineapple, peach, etc. Each can is free of calories and provides calcium.

    flavored water brands 7

    Classic flavored water packaging of Perrier


    Spindrift’s flavored water is made from fruit juices and purees, which is suitable for people who prefer real fruits. It is especially affordable for everyone. These sparkling water cans are healthy with low calories, no added sugars, dyes and artificial ingredients, and have different flavors including Grapefruit, Pineapple, Mango, Raspberry Lime, Orange and Cucumber.

    flavored water brands 8

    Playful Spindrift flavored water cans


    Creation and innovation from flavored water brands are making this beverage more popular. With healthy ingredients and diverse flavors, consumers have choices to try their favorite flavored waters. They are also environmentally friendly and stylish. In the future, flavored water may be chosen by more customers and may surpass plain water.

    Are you ready to level up your hydration game with refreshing flavored water options? Contact us today to learn more about appealing tastes, stylish packaging, and eco-friendly solutions. Our mission is to provide beverage companies with advanced, high-quality, and trend-setting formulas. All of Tando’s products have achieved important certifications in the domestic and foreign markets, including ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, etc.

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