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    If you are here, it means that you have already landed on the new Tan Do land. Welcome! We have just launched a new Tan Do, as we start to refresh our look in general. The main focus of this refresh is our brand identity. It is within our intention to refresh our brand images with new logo after decades of operation, update-to-date, vibrant, and designed for industry standards and clients of today.

    Explore Big Changes In Brand Identity

    The main focus of this refresh is our brand identity. It is within our intention to refresh our brand images after decades of operation, update-to-date, vibrant and designed for industry standards and clients of today.

    Website Domain

    As we shift our old selves into a new image, the next significant update is a change in our website domain. By approaching clients, mostly international clients, we realized the old website domain consists of many limitations. The current one was outdated, out of touch and did not represent how the company views itself. 

    website domain

    First, “td,” which stands for Tan Do, is a little confusing for most people to comprehend, primarily when they have not heard of our brand before. We needed a different domain so that people would instantly recognize us without needing to double-check with just a glance. For that reason, we decided to expand on that and put our full company name “tando” into the new website domain.

    Second, Tan Do’s business model has moved on since the early days of its establishment. We have poured 100% of our focus into developing and manufacturing beverages—no more food-related commodities. Hence, we remove the “food” and replace it with “beverage,” which better illustrates what industry we are doing business in.

    Now, if you access the old website domain tdfood.com.vn, you will be automatically redirected to the new one at tandobeverage.com.


    One of the most critical changes in our brand identity is the logo. The Tan Do logo has been there since the early day of the company. It was distinctive, resembling water flow with a touch of a split-tone wave at the top corner, representing the industry’s characteristics. 

    Unfortunately, it was also easy to be mistaken for others. The logo incorporated a spectrum of water-blue, and the plain white created a weak visual hierarchy. Though harmonious, both colors don’t provide enough contrast, which resulted in a lack of emphasis when used on products. Besides, the current color palette was easily mistaken for other mineral water brands. In contrast, we focus on nutritious, natural, and fresh beverages. Just look:

    refresh the brand identity - Tan do

    We created various versions of the logo to recoup, which worked well for multiple purposes. However, they were all too alienated from the representation of our brand in the beverage industry. And a crucial part of branding is that they should recognize us immediately when the clients see us.

    So here we are. Our in-house design and marketing team worked vigorously to construct a modern and more cohesive visual identity. And we’re starting today with the logo.

    It uses a more straightforward color palette and still contains the original’s spirit. We change the logo with a blue gradient strip combined with a red-orange droplet, reflecting on the core values of Tan Do, which are Transparent, Flexible, Trustworthy, and Passionate.


    Our ultimate goal brings the most satisfactory journey to our customers. Therefore, we have been focused significantly on improving UI and UX for our website – one of the leading destinations of our visitors. 

    We built the new website into a completely new friendly interface. We scraped limited elements of the past and added a unique aesthetic look to the website. Besides, we add more functional features such as Ajax loading, Smart Filter to facilitate your journey, saving your precious time while visiting us.

    New logo - new us

    Besides, the consistency in color scheme and typography creates a unique Tan Do style; and we look forward to keeping us in mind. 


    Over the next few months, you will see all the visuals update: on the website, in advertising, and some places on our products. It’s still us. We’re still Tan Do. But more consistent and, we hope, more instantly recognizable.

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    Lilian Nguyen
    Hi! I'm Lilian Nguyen. I'm an expert in OEM, ODM, private label beverage industry with 8 years of experience. I believe that it is crucial for companies to focus on the benefits which the product provides to their target customer and what does it mean to the community. When i am not working, i run a blog on making healthy snacks & drinks and join in a hiking club. I'm an expert in the beverage industry invited by Tan Do Beverage to work. I'm in charge of publishing articles, research articles on the beverage industry or anything healthy to help readers have a better view of what they are looking to do, prepare to do or are doing related to the beverage industry. Email: lilian.nguyen@tdfood.com.vn

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