Pear Juice Drink 330ml Can Private Label

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Key ingredient: Pear

☑️ Flavour: Pear

☑️ Volume: 330ml

☑️ Packing: Aluminum Can

☑️ Certification: ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC

☑️ Supply Ability: 150 Twenty-Foot Containers/ Month

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    Ha Giang is one of many nutritious and fertilized provinces in our country, with immense forests and rich fruit gardens, therefore appropriate for growing many kinds of fruit trees, including pears. Ha Giang pear is famous for its high water content, sweetness, crispiness, and grainy texture. Thus, they are preferred to other types of pears in the Vietnam market. They are chosen as our input material for our pear juice products.

    Pear trees can take from 3 to 10 years to begin flowering and bearing fruit. They are easy to grow and thrive; however, special care must be spent on them for the best development. Young trees must be well-watered to establish roots while applying only a small amount of fertilizer. They require annual pruning to keep the trees healthy and productive, while they also have to face certain kinds of pests and diseases, such as fire blight, pear psylla, aphids, mites, and powdery mildew.

    In terms of harvesting, the process must be done when pears are mature but still hard. We apply strict quality standards to choose out the best input fruits: pears have to be just ripe, the flesh is firm, no mushy and mealy, have to be in light yellow, good smell, and good flavor. After harvesting and choosing, these fruits are delivered to our factory in air-free styrofoam boxes. Those boxes must be able to resist shock while also ensuring maximum aeration.

    Pears provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B3, B4, potassium, copper, phosphorus, and calcium. Therefore, this fruit is a helpful supporter in promoting gut health, treating inflammation, depleting anticancer effects, lowering the risk of diabetes, boosting heart health, and reducing obesity.



    Packing & Size

    Aluminum Can 330ml

    Additional information

    Delivery Time

    18 – 20 days after deposit

    Sea Port

    Hai Phong Port, Vietnam

    Payment Term

    T/T, L/C




    Aluminum Can 330ml


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