Private Label Coconut Water

Tan Do has a long experience manufacturing coconut water beverages in Vietnam. With plenty of fresh coconut around the year, Vietnam is the best supplier of coconut fruit for making outstanding coconut water drinks.

Coconut water has a resource from Ben Tre, Vietnam. This place has a long-standing reputation for cultivating many favorite fruits, and coconut is one of them. In this place, farmworkers have experienced producing coconut for a long history; therefore, the fruits always meet the highest requirement in production before supplying for the factory.
Tan Do has more than 23 years of experience in the private label (OEM/ODM) with multiple manufacturing solutions. Our services bring customers advanced technology production, infrastructure, facility, and expertise as a wholesale supplier and manufacturer of coconut water. This whole range of services will help you with cost - efficiency and time-saving.
Coconut water drinks made by Tan Do meet critical authority certificates that we successfully achieve to ensure quality control such as ISO 22000, US FDA, HALAL, HACCP, FSSC 22000

Featured flavors for custom coconut water

  •  The private-label coconut water line has multiple flavor choices. We suggest you with six primary private-label flavors satisfying the customer’s need and making them fall in love with coconut water drinks right away.

  • Coconut water lime: add with natural lime flavor
    Coconut water lotus seed: add with 100% natural lotus seed flavor
    Coconut water original: with 100% fresh coconut water without adding flavor
    Coconut water passion fruit: combine with natural passion fruit flavor
    Coconut water pineapple: mix with 100% of natural pineapple flavor
    Coconut water strawberry: add with fresh strawberry flavor

Packaging and size for coconut water drinks

  • We offer the most popular and convenient packaging styles for the private label coconut water line, so our customers can choose based on their specific needs. There is one type of packaging style for coconut water line is aluminum can with two volumes: 330ml and 500ml

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