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Small Scale Pilot

Beverage Production 


reduce potential risks Before a large scale production


Before jumping into mass production
a lot of concerns come...

My business lacks  financial resources for a full-scale project.

I am worried about potential risks of mass production.

My product only developed in the lab and haven’t tested for full-scale production.

I need commercial production samples for professional presentations with our investors and distributors.

I can not calculate the market need for my product.

I want to confirm the capability of manufacturer.

Benefits of beverage beverage SMALL-SCALE PILOT 

Just a bit smaller is a lot better

Many businesses choose to decrease the risk and take advantage of small-scale pilot beverage production

before spending thousands of dollars on a large-scale production. 

Risk reduction

It is extremely rare for the first run of any beverage to go perfectly with no unforeseen complications. Finding those things out during a small-scale pilot run is a lot less painful than having to stop production or recall thousand cases of product.

Real-life learning

Once you turn things over to full-scale production things move fast, time is money. But a pilot run lets you see things closer at a slower pace and offers more opportunities to gain market statistics and compilation databases around your product.

Product credibility

It is tremendously challenging for a new product to earn a spot in the eyes of your investors or distributors. A well-executed plot run can leave a positive impression to gain their belief.

Overall cost

Although the cost per case for a small-scale pilot run is typically more than it would be for a full-scale production run, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a full-scale that goes downhill is ultimately more expensive.

What is special in our Small-Scale Pilot Beverage Production

Competitive Quote

A small-scale production at Tan Do only cost you 10% to 20% higher than a full-scale production.

Flexible Pilot Volume

Our facility can support you with the lowest quantity, around 300 to 500 boxes per order.

Intensive Management

Your pilot production would be set up and managed carefully to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Process for beverage Small-Scale Pilot

Discuss your beverage blueprint

Advice on the production scale

Agreement on the production time, payment methods, and logistics

Process payment

Notify about the production time and shipping progress

Small-scale pilot is completed and waiting for reviewing

Who is suitable for Beverage Small-Scale Pilot?

Have a new beverage idea. Test the concept of a new product before mass production

You are on a small scale. Before scaling up your current production, you want to make sure it will be good

Before entering a new market segment you are not familiar to

This was great. Tan Do’s small-scale production gave us the opportunity to collect production data and learned how our customers respond to our new product. After working with Tan Do R&D team, we successfully conducted a large-scale project. And now, we are still making a ton of profit

- Michael Andrews

The production still goes smoothly when scaling up from 300 boxes to 10,000 boxes each order. We have struggled to develop a new product and launched it; Tan Do really helped us make great progress.

- Jenny Simons

We consider small-scale production in the beverage industry a must before launching. There is no better way to make sure our products on the shelf are the closest replica of ours in the lab. Large-scale production is really tough to pull off but thanks to the Tan Do team, we managed to take the leap.

- Harry Jones

We have already partnered with hundreds of
successful businesses in 50+ countries over the world 
Company Address

Office Address:

Ngoc Khanh Plaza, 1 Pham Huy Thong,

Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Manufacturing Address:

Km 9.2 Thang Long - Noi Bai Road,

Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Me Linh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Frequently Asked Questions


The cost per case for a small-scale production at Tan Do is only 10% to 20% higher than that for a full-scale.

What is the minimum order quantity can i purchase at one time?

The lowest quantity required to be purchased at one time that our facility can support you is around 300 to 500 cases for one product.