White label products are made by a company to be rebranded and re-sold by another company to an end customer

Understanding everything about White Label Agreement – Tan Do

A white label agreement is created to manufacture generic products by another party to be branded for and sold. Explore...

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Working with a contract manufacturer, you need to consider several things carefully

The ultimate guide on the contract manufacturing agreement (template included)

If you are wondering what is the contract manufacturing agreement and how it works. Read more for the brief answers.

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The goal of the tests is to obtain accurate nutritional information

Understanding beverage testing before starting your own beverage business

Getting to know beverage testing explained from head to toe in the next three minutes. Explore for more.

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What are fortified beverages and why it’s widely used around the world

What are fortified beverages and why it’s widely used around the world

There are still many unknown facts about fortified beverages that most people don’t know. Click to read more.

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These beverage shelf life tests include chemical, sensory, analytical, and microbiological monitoring

Beverage shelf life: The ultimate guide for you – Tan Do

Beverage shelf life gives you opportunities to enhance the product quality, but conducting one will involve aspects you may seem...

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Classic Highball is made with Jim Beam bourbon, premium seltzer and a hint of citrus

Top 15 prominent new drinks hit the market in 2021 – Tan Do

Let’s take a look at the top 15 new beverages hitting the shelves worldwide in 2021 in the next three...

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Private label energy drinks

Private label energy drinks: Fundamental knowledge for a successful

What are the outstanding features of private label energy drinks? Let’s solve some common pain points when start-up a new...

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