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Pham Thi Dieu, the founder of Tan Do Refreshing Water Co., Ltd, was born and raised in the countryside. Throughout her childhood, she realized that fruits were sold for an excessively low price, which is not worth the farmers’ hardship. Suddenly, her mind came up to 2 questions: how could we improve our farming products and whether those products could be used by foreign markets worldwide. That was the driving factor behind her ambition to establish Tan Do Beverage. 

In the first decade of development, Tan Do focused intensively on the domestic ready-to-drink product market. Our products could be found at many local grocery stores from North to South Vietnam, as we positioned our beverages as an affordable treat for all family members.

Founder story

Our global journey started when Tan Do’s second-generation successfully launched our first Tan Do drinks overseas. Up to now, Tan Do has exported products to 30+ countries around the world, establishing connections with global retail stores, especially in the US. With experienced leaders who dedicate their supervision to every production stage, we are proud to provide the highest quality products to our customers around the world.